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Data Conversion Services

Unorganized data, inconsistent data type and formats hamper your business big time as they lead to inaccurate data and redundancy.

We at HabileData provide outsourced data conversion services to convert any kind of data – digital and hardcopy documents - from one format to another format. We assist companies to store, search and retrieve data anytime for analysis.

Data Conversion Outsourcing Services, We Offer:

  • Document conversion: Our document conversion team is capable of converting hardcopy paper documents as well as scanned image file into editable or searchable digital format of your choice.
  • PDF conversion: Our PDF conversion services include conversion of complex or handwritten PDFs into Word, Excel or other text formats. PDF to Word and PDF to INDD conversion are our forte.
  • XML conversion: We extract data from multiple sources and store that data in structured XML format adhering to established standards such as PubMed, TEIXML, JATS, DTBook, XBRL, etc as per requirement.
  • HTML conversion: We are experts at HTML conversion from text, PPT, RTF, PDF, PSD, Image and design files in HTML format, facilitating easy content distribution.
  • File conversion: We offer cost-effective file conversion services to convert files from one format to another mostly images, video and audio files.
  • eBook conversion: Our eBook conversion services include conversion of printed books, web-based articles, paper based data and manuscripts to eBook formats.

We have expertise and experience to convert large volume and wide range of file formats using the latest data conversion tools and an expert QA team for accurate output.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Conversion Services:

  • Easy access to information: Converting documents into searchable digital format makes information handy.
  • Save cost: Moving to digital storage will save money of physical storage space as well as operational cost.
  • Data redundancy: Conversion of data helps in elimination of redundant information which can reduce operational and maintenance cost.
  • Migration to modern system: Data conversion helps business in migrating from older legacy system to modern.
  • Analysis: Converting data into electronic format will help your business to easily interpret data for advanced analysis.

Case Studies of Data Conversion Services: