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Data Mining Services

Companies can minimize administrative and managerial costs, bring extended hours of operation at a lower cost, and have convenient access to compact knowledge base and opportunities to capitalize upon.

We have helped companies achieve their business targets and save money through our extensive technique in data mining services.

We at HabileData have capability to provide value addition in customer operations through our web data mining expertise and ensure to give maximum returns on the investment (ROI). We follow the standard practices of clustering, classification, regression and pattern recognition in data mining which allows cracking typical business and industry challenges.

Data mining services backed with data analysis and interactive visual dashboards is also what we provide our clients to help them keep pace with changing business scenarios and concurrent market dynamics.

Comprehensive range of research and data mining services:

  • Web data mining from websites as per your business specific needs for analysis
  • Social media data mining from Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn to identify trends
  • PDF data mining to extract information from PDF documents and scanned images
  • Excel data mining for creating and updating excel database by applying variety of models and formulas
  • SQL data mining using automated and manual techniques for creating massive database
  • Data mining for marketing added with competitor analysis & customer segmentation
  • Gathering and summarizing financial, marketing and other business data to identify patterns, evaluating market trends

Use of advanced web data mining tools & state-of-the-art techniques enable us to collect and interpret data of any size across multiple-data sources including B2B and B2C websites, online portals, networks, blogs and forums etc.

Benefits of outsourcing data mining services to us:

  • Gain increased focus on core operations and strategic aspects of your business
  • Less operational expenses
  • Improved work efficiency and productivity
  • Multiple-delivery formats including Excel, XML, PDF, Access, SQL
  • More reliable and secured data/customer information

With years of experience to our credit, we provide end-to-end data mining services to some of the leading players in marketing, healthcare, finance, management & consulting, manufacturing, ITES and market research sectors. Companies globally leverage our data mining services to have the data they need to improve the bottom line and business process.

Case Studies of Data Mining:

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