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Data Mining Services

HabileData provides data mining services which help to develop the models that can uncover connections within millions or billions of records.

With HabileData data mining solutions, clients easily get the most relevant and precise information from infinite online sources. Also the feedback and analysis of information consolidated after data mining, improves the client's bottom line.

Scalability forms an integral part of our project planning, empowering our data collection teams to handle higher volumes. Using latest tools and technologies backed with well-defined processes, we are equipped to access data that cannot be reached through leading search engines.

Data Mining Services, We Offer:

  • Creation of mailing lists
  • Summarization of latest news
  • Synchronization of multiple databases
  • Transfer of vital information from various websites to Excel
  • Search for brand, product and service feedback
  • Meta data extraction from varied online sources
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Tracking and analyzing competitor's growth
  • Monitoring market trends
  • Data mining from directories, ecommerce websites and networking sites
  • Extensive online research for effective customer relationship management
  • Text mining

Business and various other sorted and unsorted financial & marketing information is what our data experts collect & deliver a cleansed & validated database to clients to capitalize on. We take pride in partnering several companies from retail & ecommerce, real estate, education, healthcare, BFSI, travel and hospitality, consulting & professional services, logistics & transportation sectors.

With help of data collected, we successfully correlate factors such as staff skills, product positioning, price and other internal factors with customer demographics, competition, economic indicators etc. Our solutions furthermore help in determining the conjoined and standalone effect of these factors on customer satisfaction, sales, revenue generation. Data collected, can be analyzed to reach out to market trends, make predictions about futuristic opportunities, and of course assist in streamlining the day to day operations to drive revenue and make profitable growth.

HabileData provides excellent quality, time-bound and cost-effective outsourcing solutions to clients spread across the globe via its offshore facilities.

With experience and abundant talent at HabileData, we ensure 100% customer delight via work commitment and high integrity. If you wish to entrust your data mining responsibilities to us, sample our work for a test project at no cost.

Case Studies of Data Mining:

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