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We carefully label key points in images and videos for tasks like object detection, facial recognition, pose estimation, and custom projects. We provide accurate and consistent image annotation for superior machine learning and AI models.

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Landmark Annotation Success Stories

Case Study
Annotating text from news articles to enhance the performance of an AI model

Text Annotation of News Articles for German Construction Tech Company

Capture, validate and verify information on upcoming or existing construction projects from multi-lingual and multi-format online publications across Europe and USA.

Construction Technology Company, Germany

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Case Study
Annotation of live video streams for traffic management and road planning

Annotation of live video streams for traffic management and road planning

Annotating pre-recorded and live video stream of vehicles provided training data for machine learning models for a California based data analytics company helped managing traffic efficiently.

An Integrated Data Analytics Company, USA

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Case Study
Image annotation for swiss food waste assessment solution provider

Image annotation for swiss food waste assessment solution provider

The food images to be labelled and categorized so that the client could use them as training data for accurate interpretation of visual data through data annotation.

Food Waste Assessment Solution Provider, Switzerland

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Outsource Landmark Annotation Services for Enhanced Object Detection and Facial Analysis

An AI/ML landmark annotation project can become daunting due to inconsistent labeling, missed deadlines, scalability challenges and security issues.

We share these concerns and work on precise landmark identification and placement within images and videos, for optimal ML performance. Our landmark annotation services are designed to deliver key points on the human body, facial features for emotion analysis, keyframe labelling for motion analysis, or pinpointing specific object details, and much more.

We bring to table expertise across domains including facial recognition, pose estimation, object analysis and custom landmark annotation projects. Our annotators follow detailed guidelines for precise landmark placement, and work is subject to thorough review.

Outsource your Landmark annotation projects to us and experience our commitment to quality, scalable workflows, transparent communication and compliance with industry best practices. Our goal is to build a partnership that delivers reliable, cost-effective landmark annotation for your AI success.

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Outsource Landmark Annotation Services for Enhanced Object Detection and Facial Analysis

Benefits of Outsourcing Landmark Annotation Services

Precision and Consistency

Accurate placement of landmarks with strict adherence to guidelines.

Expertise in Diverse Domains

Precisely handle facial, pose, object, and custom landmark annotation.

Scalability for Your Projects

Adaptable workforce to match the size and project scalability.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Robust security measures to protect your image and video data.

Quality Assurance & Validation

Multi-layered QC processes to minimize errors and accuracy.

Landmark Annotation Services for Wide Range of Industries

Medical Medical
Geospatial Geospatial
Financial Financial
Autonomous Vehicles Autonomous Vehicles
Retail Retail
AI & ML Companies AI & ML Companies
Robotics Robotics
Information Technology Information Technology

Landmark Annotation FAQs

What types of landmarks can you annotate?

We are equipped to annotate a wide variety of landmarks including buildings, statues, and natural features like mountains and rivers. Our services extend to both urban and natural landscapes, enabling detailed and precise annotations for geographic information systems (GIS), tourism, and educational applications.

What software do you use for landmark annotation?

Our team utilizes industry-leading software for landmark annotation, including tools like Labelbox, CVAT, and custom-developed solutions tailored to specific project needs. These platforms offer robust functionality for accurate tagging and are compatible with AI and machine learning workflows.

How do you ensure the accuracy of landmark annotations?

Accuracy in landmark annotation is paramount. We ensure this through a combination of expert annotators, rigorous quality control processes, and iterative reviews. Additionally, we utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to cross-verify annotations and employ redundancy checks to minimize errors and improve precision.

What is the pricing for landmark annotation?

Our pricing for landmark annotation services is competitive and structured based on the complexity and volume of the project. We offer customized quotes to meet the specific needs of each client, considering factors such as project scope, the detail required in annotations, and turnaround time. For precise pricing details, we encourage a consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

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