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Data Entry Services

Data entry is tedious and time-consuming but a very crucial part of effective data management in all organizations.

Outsourcing data entry is the solutions which benefits leading global organizations to overcome this challenges. With 20 years of experience, specifically trained data entry keyers, and multiple data entry centers in India, we at HabileData can handle large volume of data and provide affordable and accurate data entry services.

Data Entry Outsourcing Services, We Offer:

We at HabileData are using best-in-class technology to automate the data entry process, by implementing OCR and ICR technologies in many cases as a part of our data entry solutions. It’s the perfect solution for companies that need accurate data entry services at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services to HabileData:

  • ISO Certified: Strictly maintain the security and confidentiality of client's data.
  • Accuracy: Guaranteed 99.95% accuracy on single entry work.
  • Advanced Technology: Improved data entry speed while lowering costs to clients.
  • Round the Clock Support: Our offshore data entry centers provide 24-hour data entry options for clients in need of high-volume data keying.
  • Pricing: "Per Project", "Per Resource" and "Per Hour" pricing structure, specifically to suit your budget.
Case Studies of Data Entry Services: