An outsourcing model has proven to give rich dividends. Based on an extensive study of the Indian offshore data entry market, we help you choose the best data entry company to meet your business needs.

The dollar investment in data collection, entry and processing by organizations is seeing an exponential rise. Human resource professionals are burning the midnight oil to hire and train in house teams for data entry work. Dealing with seasonal business spikes is yet another challenge when it comes to managing human capital.

Outsourcing data entry projects has proven to be a smart solution to ensure uninterrupted and cost effective data entry operations while you continue to focus on your core business activities.

Data entry outsourcing companies invest significantly in state of the art tools and technologies. Scalability and flexibility are built into their project planning and helps offshore data entry companies to handle fluctuating volumes in a time-sensitive manner. They are conscious about compliance with security policies and well versed with laws of the land.

By 2023, the market size of global data entry outsourcing services is projected to reach $1.7 billion, with an expected CAGR of 4.65%. – Technavio

We walk you through top seven data entry outsourcing companies in India. Partnering with any of them will help you offload a significant volume of critical though mundane business processes. Outsourcing efficiencies promise cost effective data entry pricing and visible results in your ROI. Not to mention happier and more engaged customers!

Which are the 7 best data entry outsourcing companies in India?

With hundreds of companies claiming to be the best in the outsourcing data entry business, it was not an easy task to shortlist just these seven data entry service providers in India. Apart from the number of data entry specialists a company has, multiple aspects factored in to arrive at this ready reference list. These include, among others, Google rankings, annual revenue, website credibility, customer testimonials, pricing model, technology proficiency and nature of data entry jobs handled.

1. WNS Global Services

WNS is one of the largest business process management companies in the world, with over 60 delivery centers across 16 countries. Headquartered in Mumbai, it offers a range of functional solutions and business transformation services in the areas of analytics, customer experience, finance & accounting, legal services and procurement.

2. Hitech BPO

Since inception in 1992, Hitech BPO has to its credit, 3,500+ successful project completions for 2,500 clients globally. Ranked amongst top BPO companies by Dun & Bradstreet, for Hitech BPO, outsourcing goes beyond managing back office operations. Process improvement through optimization and automation are pivotal to its data entry operations.

Scalability and flexibility form an integral part of their offshore data entry project planning to handle higher volumes. With managers leading multiple data entry specialist teams across offices in India, the USA and UK; Hitech BPO manages 25M transactions every year with 99% accuracy.

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3. Infosys BPM

Since inception in 2002, Infosys BPM focused on delivering end-to-end outsourcing solutions, and passing on the benefits of reduced costs, increased productivity and process improvement to clients globally. Their specific offerings besides data management include customer service, banking, finance and accounting, human resources, legal processes and sales outsourcing.

4. Acelerar Technologies

It offers a wide range of business outsourcing services. Their multiple service offerings include writing, image editing, creative design, data entry, list building and ecommerce product catalogue services.

It was founded in 2010, and since then has served clients across various domains including real estate, banking & finance, logistics, and e-Commerce, assisting them in office administration, collection management, transaction management etc.


An outsourcing service provider, it was founded in 1997. It serves more than 100 customers across the globe from diverse industries: banking & finance, logistics, energy & utilities manufacturing, retail & consumer, and automobile. Its offerings include call center, data management, debt collection, logistics BPO, e-Commerce catalogue management, and digital publishing services.

6. TechSpeed

Founded in 2002, TechSpeed Inc, a company from Portland, Oregon, has US leadership and Indian production teams. It combines AI and human in the loop, to offer efficient outsourcing services for global businesses. For two decades, they’ve been in outsourcing, and have helped organizations with their data processing solutions.

7. Trupp Global

Trupp Global, a global BPO, offers back-office support and customer experience services tailored for startups and SMBs. Their services encompass data entry, research, content moderation, and eCommerce management. Additionally, they provide voice customer support, email, and live chat help. With six years in operation and a 95% retention rate, they ensure top-tier support and streamlined business processes.

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Key benefits of outsourcing your data entry operations

Pros Cons of In-house vs Outsourcing Data Entry Infographic

8 tips to choose your data entry outsourcing partner

Every company would have its own unique strengths and weaknesses. It is important that you do a thorough check before taking any decision on who you choose as your data entry outsourcing partner. One wrong choice could adversely impact your business operations and credibility.

Key considerations to help you choose outsourcing data entry partner wisely.

1. Turnaround time

Turnaround time

Maintaining quick turnaround for data operations is critical for any business. Before you forge a deal, first understand how the data entry service provider is equipped to leverage the time-zone differences starting at -5:30 (GMT) through to -12:30 (PDT) to deliver your desired results. Examine the context, and decide your own thresholds.

2. Flexibility and scalability

Flexibility and scalability

Data entry service provider has to be dynamic so as to address unprecedented workforce demands and challenges effectively. The service provider should be flexible to adapt to changes. Think twice before you enter into an outsourcing deal with rigid terms and conditions and no cushion for exigencies.

3. Technological infrastructure

Technological infrastructure

Ensure your outsourcing partner has requisite infrastructure to best handle your operations. They must have tools and technologies, robust processes and proven methodologies to deliver desired output. Can they automate your data entry process? Do they have quality internet connectivity and a fail over satellite link for seamless data transfer.

4. Data security and confidentiality

Data security and confidentiality

Outsourcing means exposing your business data to third-party service provider. Check if your outsourcing partner has extremely robust security to avoid data leaks or misuse. Are they equipped with VPN Technology, firewalls, anti-virus, disaster recovery and data backup options to protect the network and systems from external attacks?

5. Domain knowledge and expertise

Domain knowledge and expertise

Data entry operator’s skills directly influence the quality of data entry work. Operators with domain experience bring onboard extensive knowledge of the process. Check for the experience of the data entry company, projects they have handled, and how they can scale up their solutions. Scrutiny of the projects listed on their website proves helpful.

6. Level of customization

Level of Customization

Customization proves the capability of the service provider. Find out if the data entry company can work with data in virtually any format including handwritten forms and old databases in multiple languages. Can they deliver data in file formats as required by clients? Can they enter data directly in client’s user interface or web based application?

7. Pricing model

Pricing Model

Outsourcing data entry allows you to reinvest saved dollars where they will make the most impact. Check out your outsourcing partner’s fixed price, time and materials, or dedicated team engagement pricing models which depend on project type, scope flexibility, budgets, time to market etc. Best data entry pricing models give optimum benefits.

8. Monitoring and tracking data accuracy

Monitoring and tracking mechanism for data accuracy

Agile mechanism for comprehensive monitoring of errors and efficiency of every component, human and machines across the operations is one of the important features of an outsourcing service provider. What qualifies a data entry company as the right outsourcing partner is 99.9% data accuracy and successful project completion within timelines.

Businesses, now, no more look to engage with data entry service providers just to address their short-term requirements. They have, rather, become keener to forge long-term strategic partnership with outsourcing agencies, not constraining their decision to any particular operational parameters.

With data evolving and becoming a crucial driver in decision making, businesses cannot afford to have inaccurate databases. However, as data entry outsourcing market continues to expand fast, the process to decide on the right data entry outsourcing company has to be systematic and informed. It is only then that desired outcomes can be successfully derived.

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