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Our deep expertise in annotating text help you to develop high-performance natural language processing (NLP) models. As part of high-quality text annotation services, we parse data into phrases, sentences for sentiment, intent, Named Entity Recognition (NER) and entity classification.

Empower your ML models with our text annotation services

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Multi-source Data Annotation

Multi-source Data Annotation

Capabilities to process quickly and accurately.
Deep Annotation & Textualization

Deep Annotation & Textualization

Adhering to client's AI/ML model needs.
Integrated Quality Control

Integrated Quality Control

Enabling AI/ ML Models to generate deeper insights.
Automated Corpus Processing

Automated Corpus Processing

Context, grammar and vocab for NLP models.
Nuanced Intelligent Treatment

Nuanced Intelligent Treatment

Context to intent, grammar and word-choice.
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B2B Data Acquisition success stories

Case Study
Annotating text from news articles to enhance the performance of an AI model

Text Annotation of News Articles for German Construction Tech Company

Capture, validate and verify information on upcoming or existing construction projects from multi-lingual and multi-format online publications across Europe and USA.

Construction Technology Company, Germany

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Areas of expertise

We annote and label variety of text across industry verticals

IT IT, AI & ML Companies
Financial Real Estate
Marketing Manufacturing
Healthcare Construction
Retail, Wholesale & Ecommerce Automotive
AI & ML Companies Media & Publishing
Real Estate Retail & eCommerce
Events Healthcare

Fuel your AI/ML models with accurately annotated text

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