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Clumsy, bulky and hand-written documents hamper the ease of sharing, accessing and editing of information between teams, customers and vendors. With accurate, standardized, and effective typing services by HabileData, companies can elevate any form of data entry in business communication.

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Typing Services Success Stories

Case Study
Document Data Entry of Handwritten Scanned Images for a University in UK

Document Data Entry of Handwritten Scanned Images for a University in UK

Data entry of details from handwritten scanned images of service log documents into MS Excel, followed with analytics of data entered in 41 fields from French handwritten source files.

Leading University, UK

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Case Study
Utility Bills Invoice Data Entry for a Utility Portfolio Management Company in USA

Utility Bills Invoice Data Entry for a Utility Portfolio Management Company in USA

Setting up a data entry process of scanned invoices for energy bills of electricity, gas and water, to give that enhanced customer service experience.

Utility Portfolio Management Solutions Provider, USA

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Case Study
Invoice Data Entry Solution for Creating Centralized Repository

Invoice Data Entry Solution for Creating Centralized Repository

Accurate data entry of freight logistics invoices from TIFF image files into MS Excel for creating a centralized repository.

A Leading Logistic Company, USA

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Transform Your Handwritten Documents for The Digital Era

At HabileData, we understand the importance of accurate, well-formatted, and easily accessible text documents in today's fast-paced business environment. Our typing services are designed to help businesses and individuals save time, improve efficiency, and maintain data quality.

Our team of skilled typists and data entry specialists are adept at handling a wide range of typing tasks, including document typing, data entry, copy typing, resume typing, legal typing, and medical typing.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality results, our data typing experts ensure that data collected from your documents is error-free, properly formatted, and ready for use.

In addition to our commitment to accuracy and quality, we prioritize data confidentiality and security. We implement stringent security measures, such as non-disclosure agreements, access controls, data encryption, and secure storage, to protect your sensitive information and maintain the privacy of your documents.

typing documents

Professional Typing Services from Industry Experts

Whether it is multi-lingual support or catering to wide range of industries, our professionals can convert handwritten or hardcopy documents and scanned copies into a variety of digital file formats, including MS Word, Excel, .txt, .rtf, etc. for:

  • Manuals
  • Legal documents
  • Historical documents
  • Business letters
  • Manuscripts
  • Property details
  • Resumes
  • Reports
  • Statements
  • Books
  • Receipts
  • Inventories
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Why Should You Outsource Typing Services to Us?

Save Time:

Ensure that your team saves time and efforts required to gather information from various printed materials and handwritten documents.

Improve Customer Support:

With all the required right information in one place in a standardized and digitized format, you can quickly respond to customer queries and enhance satisfaction.

Faster Communication:

Establish an effective channel of communication in your teams and vendors with the right information at the right time. Ensure the information is easy to read and access too.

Reduce Costs:

Minimize chances of potential legal issues and costly errors that arise due to incomplete or inaccurate documents; avoid the hassle of hiring full-time data entry professionals.

What People Say After Using Our Data Entry Services

Working with HabileData for document data entry of handwritten scanned images has been a fantastic experience for our university. Their exceptional accuracy and swift turnaround time have streamlined our processes, allowing us to focus on providing top-notch education. Definitely recommended!

Leading University UK

Typing Services FAQs

What Are Typing Services?
Professionally trained typists or data entry specialists convert handwritten documents or printed materials into digital text format, that is known as typing services. HabileData’s typing services consist of document typing, data entry, copy typing, resume typing, legal typing, medical typing, etc. We help businesses and individuals save time, improve efficiency and ensure optimum accuracy and quality of digital content.
Why Are Typing Services Important?
Accurate, well-formatted and easy to edit, access and share digital text documents are necessary for effective communication, record-keeping and decision-making. Efficient typing services play a crucial role in efficient data management and increasing accessibility and compatibility of documents. It also helps to save time and costs.
How Can I Choose the Right Typing Service Provider?
Choosing the right typing service provider for your business will be crucial to ensure the accuracy, quality and timely delivery of your documents. When evaluating your potential typing services partner, you can focus on the factors like experience and expertise, quality and accuracy standards, turnaround time, pricing, client testimonials, and confidentiality and security measures.
How much do typing services charge?

The cost of typing services is driven by the project complexity, volumes, turnaround time and specific business needs. We at HabileData strive our best to offer the most competitive and transparent pricing through project-based pricing, hourly rates or per-page rates to accommodate customized needs and client budget.

Are Typing Services Confidential and Secure?
Yes, definitely. HabileData deploys robust measures like non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), access controls, data encryption, secured storage and data retention and deletion to maintain complete confidentiality and security of the data and typed document.

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