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Data Entry - Case Study

Document Data Entry of Handwritten Scanned Images for a University in UK

Client: Leading University in UK

Project Details:

Data entry of details from handwritten scanned images of service log documents into MS Excel, followed with analytics of data entered in 41 fields from French handwritten source files.

Document Data Entry of Handwritten Service Logs

Solutions Provided:

Double keying method used to attain 99.995% accuracy, in the data entry of more than 26,000 handwritten service logs in French.

The personnel records were first organized in two archives:

  • Archive individual: Records contain background information of the recruits, like place of birth, residence and the career of the soldiers.
  • Archive collective: Records contain the results of the medical examinations.

Receipt of enlisted details from the client through files on FTP servers:

  • Data entry instructions
  • Data entry template
  • Scan images
  • Special instructions