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Our data standardization services process voluminous, unstructured and multi-format data in varying formats. We help you maintain consistency and reliability of your datasets, to easily understand, search and identify for appropriate usability.

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Data standardization FAQs

What is data standardization? How can it improve your business efficiency?

Data standardization is the process of putting data in a common format as a single source of truth to enable easy understanding to users, large scale analytics for actionable insights, and use of advanced tools and methodologies. Data collected from disparate formats is punctuated, abbreviated, organized, filtered, verified, cleaned, and validated to create an accurate and consistent database.

Companies/organizations outsource data standardization services to gain benefits like:

  • Eliminate Guesswork and Confusion
  • Data Standardization Reduces Operational Costs
  • Massive increase in Productivity
  • Improved Customer Service Quality
  • Business Process Automation
  • Seamless and efficient flow of valuable data
  • Improved segmentation, lead scoring and routing
  • Effective personalization
  • Improved analytics
  • Streamlined data flow to BI and AI tools

What are the top data standardization examples?

Data standardization is critical for any organization’s strategy to ensure accuracy, reliability, compliance and security of data. Here are some examples:

  • Manufacturers selling products through a retail channel requires standardization of inconsistencies in product sales and inventory data formats, schemas, and values.
  • Real estate data aggregators receive property data and descriptions from buyers, sellers, and MLS sites in different data schema and structure that must be standardized before it can be used.
  • Banking and financial institutes with independent subsidiaries, franchisees, business units, global offices, and external partners are required to standardize subsidiary sales and finance information according to their corporate’s data model.

Why choose HabileData as your best data standardization service provider?

As one of the leading outsourced data standardization service provider company, HabileData has proved its domain experience and expertise in terms of delivering highest quality services and timely outputs with help of tools and technology backed data standardization methods.

Outsource data standardization to data standardization specialists at HabileData and empower your business with accurate, reliable, compliant and secure datasets leading to operational and cost effectiveness.

  • 27+ years of data management experience
  • 2000+ clients across globe
  • 80% recurring clients
  • Advanced tools and technology infrastructure
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved ROI & customer acquisition

What is the sole purpose of data standardization for small businesses or large enterprises?

Data standardization converts unstructured data/information to a common format to enable users to process and analyze it. It enables them to utilize data from a variety of sources including third party data from internet, data warehouses, lakes, cloud storage, and readymade databases.

Small or medium sized enterprises, Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 companies that outsource data standardization services gain access to structured, high-quality, reliable and disaggregated data which is easily accessible to stakeholders as and when they need it. It helps them to:

  • Establish clear, consistently defined elements and attributes.
  • Provide comprehensive catalog of data.
  • Proper understanding and analysis of data to glean actionable insights.

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