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Outsource Data Cleansing and Why It Matters

post-data-icon September 10th, 2018  |   post-user-icon

Big data might be an intriguing topic these days, as most industries depend on data especially fields like banking, insurance, retail, telecoms, and others. The fruitful use of that data or information as we may say, to a great extent depends on the capacity of companies to provide precise, clean and trustworthy data to employees to glean consistent and accurate insights.

With more than 20% of your databases going bad year on year, and with 10% to 25% of databases having errors that prevent companies from doing their business effectively – dirty data is really a big problem.

The aspect of maintaining data quality has grown and will continue to grow in importance as digital marketing simultaneously is getting dependent on customer and sales lead data. The quality and authenticity of these data sets are one of the determining factors in how well a business is able to maintain competitiveness. Data is required to be collected from multiple sources, and enterprises lack big time in either delegating the data cleansing activity to in-house teams, and most of the times are skeptical at outsourcing data cleansing to offshore data professionals.

Irrespective of the know-how that good analysis rests on clean data, outsourcing data cleansing & enhancement or taking up a DIY approach, is still one of those pertinent questions for businesses. Using in-house resources as they understand the business better is one of those prominent reasons put across for not outsourcing. However, outsourcing data cleansing and enhancement have some of the advantages that outweigh the use of in-house employees for the same activity.

Enlisted are some of the distinct advantages of offshore data cleansing & enhancement experts managing your business data:

1. Saves investment of time

Managing a humongous database, including the process of validating every single customer contact is not a one-click task, and requires immense investment in terms of time. Not done adequately at the right time, it can lead to lost opportunities for sales teams in generating quality leads. Most of the companies reluctant at outsourcing usually make stop-gap arrangements in form of transferring in-house manpower to process data. This results in loss of time, even in case of multi-tasking and even in grooming or training the employee for effective data cleansing and enhancement. But how about if someone else, who is experienced and expert at cleansing data – takes care of the process on your behalf?

With a dedicated and experienced data cleansing team onboard, outsourced firms deliver clean lists, empowering you and your sales teams to operate without the frustration of managing fake or invalid client addresses or figures. It also ensures that your operational processes are quick and on-time, facilitating your teams to reach out to quality contacts to generate timely leads, resulting in an improved flow of revenue and growth.

2. Outsourcing is cost-effective

Outsourcing data cleansing services frees up a whole lot of in-house resources. Also, with the evolution in data cleansing industry, known and sizeable firms have ventured out to capture new opportunities, and have come up with cost-effective data cleansing solutions. This competition to capture the market has forced these companies to come up with pricing models such as pay as you go approach. It ensures companies or their clients pay for what they get and do not end up paying for last man hours or transitory processes and/ or invalid data. All these put together really proves that supervising an offshore data cleansing and enhancement setup for your projects is far more inexpensive as against investing in new equipment and hiring experienced data professionals.

3. Experience counts

Cleaning data for good analytics, and good analytics can enrich the bottom line and brand image. So if experts work towards cleaning your database, it certainly will get you good analytics and will benefit the bottom line. While your in-house teams may be good at what they do, data professionals bring in their expertise and rich experience of working with a wide range of industries, domains and business of all sizes. Leveraging the competencies that offshore data experts have acquired will get you quality marketing lists.

4. Clean data to maintain competitiveness

The sharp growth in the variety and volume of data makes, data cleansing – the process to de-duplicate, replace, correct, delete, organize, validate, modify, classify, and format dirty data is an ongoing challenge for businesses, globally. Poor or dirty data is known to deliver off base analytic results and lead to disastrous decision making.

We all are aware that most of the data stores in hierarchical databases are certainly not clean. Go ahead; it is time you take advantage of outsourcing data cleansing services.

Hitesh Mistry

About Author: is one of the key members at HabileData, contributing to lateral growth of the company since its inception. He single handedly manages data processing, customer support, marketing, administrative and people management activities in addition to handling our websites editorial responsibilities.