6 Benefits of Outsourcing Data Cleansing

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6 Benefits of Outsourcing Data Cleansing
Skilled resource availability, operational scalability, flexibility, enhanced efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and access to latest technology make outsourcing of data cleansing operations an enticing option.

United Airlines relied on dirty data to make 8 million price predictions for 4,500 flights per day to forecast demand. Using cleansed data to calculate how much their flyers would pay for a seat, could have helped them avert a loss of $1 Billion annually in revenues.

Clean data empowers organizations with actionable analytics capable of driving effective marketing programs and increasing sales revenue. This makes data cleansing activities an imperative for strategic business decisions and operational plans.

Given the skills, technology and process intensive nature of data cleansing activities, outsourcing is a well-accepted business strategy impacting agile data management, improved decision making and competitive advantage.

Why outsourcing data cleansing is a smart move?

The absence of a holistic view on the data cleansing process has organizations struggling to find out how and who will cleanse the data; and how it would be used further. In-house data cleansing activities face critical operational challenges of how to:

Identify anomalies in data Identify anomalies in data
Clean voluminous & complex data Clean voluminous & complex data
Funds for new Tools Technology Fund new tools / technology
Hire Skilled Data Professionals Hire skilled data professionals
Impacted Productivity Optimize employee productivity

Outsource data cleansing is hence a smart move. Supervising an offshore data cleansing services setup is far more inexpensive as against investing in new tools/ technology and hiring experienced data professionals. Outsourcing data cleansing helps your organization to benefit from extra resources in a low-cost and low-risk way.

A healthcare service provider from Netherlands recommends HabileData as one of the best data cleansing and validation service providers. HabileData’s data cleansing solution helped us match several thousands of records in our large database, which otherwise was not possible for our in-house teams.” – Whitney Howard

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What are the benefits of outsourcing data cleaning?

Data entering your business systems through various channels is most of the times incomplete, duplicate, inaccurate, and gets outdated. The tools, technology and expertise needed to maintain the integrity of your data is best available with outsourcing experts.

Enhance the accuracy of your marketing data

Inaccurate sales and marketing data leads to wasted efforts and wrong assumptions. Cleansing of leads by skilled data professionals helps you focus on entries which will give results and better utilize resources to pursue quality leads.

Boost the Power and Reliability of Sales and Marketing Database

Integrates survey of 775,000 B2B leads showed only 60% of leads as acceptable. 40% of the leads did not materialize due to invalid emails, missing/incorrect filed entries, or duplicate data.

Across industries, average lead-to-conversion ratio is 143:1. But with accurate data, only 68 leads are required to secure a new customer. Accurate data drives a 152% increase in lead generation. And outsourcing experts are able to deliver this high quality data.

Optimize utilization and productivity of skilled resources

Optimal Utilization and Increased Productivity of Skilled Resources

Forbes found data scientists across organizations spending 80% of their time collecting, cleansing and enriching data sets. 76% of data scientists find the task of data preparation the least enjoyable, often thinking of quitting.

With the median annual base salary in the U.S. of these hard-to-find and much-in-demand data scientists at $104,000, can your business afford to let them spend time on data cleansing? If yes, how do you plan to retain them?

Outsourcing to data cleansing companies reduces 80% of the time data scientists spend on finding, cleaning, and organizing data; increasing the 20% time they spend on generating analytics and insights.

Scalability and flexibility

Outsourcing gives your business the scalability and flexibility to keep pace with market dynamics and seasonal fluctuations. The vast pool of multi-skilled resources gives you access to burst capacity to incrementally add or reduce professionals working on your project. Outsourcing contracts facilitate change in requirement or termination of contracts to ensure flexibility.

Outsourcing makes you Agile as a Company

HabileData deployed 25 plus professionals overnight to manage a data cleansing assignment which was initiated for existing database, but was required to scale up considering concurrent market developments.

The skilled data experts collected data from multiple sources, cleansed and integrated it in a central repository to be used to understand market trends and behavioral patterns of customers. It helped the media and broadcasting company gain greater control over data repository and enhanced their analytic power.

Outsourcing data cleansing to a company with 100% efficient processes will prove more effective than pushing in-house teams to become 100% efficient.

Increase efficiencies by relying on Automation

Investment and reliance on automated solutions to clean messy data is growing exponentially as they make governance of dirty data quicker.

Reduced Operational Costs and Increased Efficiencies

A leading trade and advisory firm pegged its winning bid to supply investment portfolios to government agencies on the expertise of HabileData, third party data experts. HabileData used automated data cleansing solutions to validate, verify and correct 28,000 records with 80+ fields.

Outsourced data cleansing solution providers invest significantly on automation solutions such as RPA for data wrangling or data munging. Hence, it makes sense for companies to outsource data cleansing services instead of investing on technology and resources.

Why HabileData is your strategic data quality partner?

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Enhances business revenues

Enhances Business Revenue

A 2017 Forrester report suggests that a typical fortune 1000 company, with 10% increase in cleansed data experienced more than $65M additional net income.

Sales and marketing divisions across any organization are considered the bread winners. Their effectiveness is the key driver that either increases or decrease the revenues, hence profits.

Accuracy of data used for sales and marketing improves the ratio of right party contact; ultimately resulting in increased sales and revenues. Data cleansing provides cleaner and accurate data to your in-house teams; empowering them to focus on activities that bring in customers and drives revenues.

Outsourcing makes you agile and competitive

With evolving technology and its penetration across industries, businesses require quality data to make strategic decisions which keeps them agile and competetive.

Outsource to Get Competitive

Overstock.com, the tech-driven online retailer located in Salt Lake City, with booming growth of $760 million in sales from more than 5 million shipments every year spent almost $200,000 on address corrections a year. Cleansing inaccurate and incomplete data provided by customers during check reduced logistic expenses and customer care costs by $1,000,000.

Reliable and agile process management of outsourcing companies drives organizations to outsource data cleansing. Outsourcing gives organizations the competitive advantage to stay ahead of competitors who struggle to decide how their data cleansing teams operate.

Now is the time to outsource data cleansing!

Global organizations having tested the outsourcing waters for data cleansing processes have shown positive results.

  • 59% of them swear by reduced costs
  • 57% say this step has enabled their core business functions
  • 47% have been able to resolve their capacity issues

Clean and accurate databases ensure that your employees utilize their work hours productively. Cleansed data will prevent them from using inaccurate customer contact lists, or contacting customers with out-of-date information; ultimately maximizing the staff’s efficiency and productivity.

Outsourcing data cleansing and management has never been an envious task. It will ensure that your company always has clean data which is used to produce accurate metrics for analysis and drive better results. It will lead you to perform better customer segmentation, target your customers more efficiently, and strengthen your bottom line.

Remove incorrect, incomplete, & duplicate data.

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