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Author : Chirag Shivalker

Chirag Shivalker Chirag Shivalker - active as a BPM professional for more than 15 years; believes that mindset & not the toolset ensures the success of any Business Process Management partnership. He creates strong arguments for justifying BPM initiatives, which provide leaner and more productive, flexible and efficient business operations.

Written by: Chirag Shivalker

4 Types of Companies Should Address Data Quality Issues Immediately

To start with, lets answer two very basic but very important questions about data quality. Question: What is data quality and why is it important? Answer: Poor data quality is a problem that most of the organizations grapple with. Though corporate spending on data collection and analytics has increased significantly, confidence in the quality of […]

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Digitizing Paper Documents is More Important than Digital Transformation of Business

A lot of people say they want to digitize their business: But what exactly do they mean by it? Are they referring to the digitization of their entire business? How do […]

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Data Does Not Guarantee Better Decisions, But Better Decisions Start with Data

Data collection and data storage is not something which can take companies miles ahead than the competition. Disconnected & fragmented data is something which […]

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Real Estate Image Editing: Master Your Strengths, Outsource your Weakness

Real estate photographs have succeeded big time in bringing properties natural appearance through their perfect clicks. However; making those property

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Web Research for Market and Business Intelligence: Paid vs. Free

Internet has been the greatest source of information, rather free information, for people to use. They can find answers to their needs on a wide plethora of topics, […]

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