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Use our stellar video annotation services to locate, tag and tracking of objects in videos frame by frame. We improve the efficiency of your Computer Vision model to accurately recognize moving objects.

Empowering AI companies with accurate training data to solve dataset challenges

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4K Video Support

4K Video Support

Annotate 4K and long-running videos.
Object Tracking

Object Tracking

Annotate faster through automation.
Track Human Pose

Track Human Pose

Assign unique instance IDs across frames.
Lane Detection

Lane Detection

Annotating different kind of lanes, traffic & vehicles.
Bulk Data Points

Bulk Data Points

Accurately annotated data in pre-defined turnaround time.
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Video Annotation Success Stories

Case Study
Annotation of live video streams for traffic management and road planning

Annotation of live video streams for traffic management and road planning

Annotating pre-recorded and live video stream of vehicles provided training data for machine learning models for a California based data analytics company helped managing traffic efficiently.

An Integrated Data Analytics Company, USA

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Areas of expertise

We annote and label variety of video data across industry verticals

IT, AI & ML Companies IT, AI & ML Companies
Real Estate Real Estate
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Construction Construction
Automotive Automotive
Media & Publishing Media & Publishing
Retail & eCommerce Retail & eCommerce
Healthcare Healthcare

Want to label or categorize videos at scale?

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