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We digitally furnish your property visuals with our virtual interior design services. We design virtual furniture layouts, create floor plan design for new homes and 3D architectural drawings. Outsource virtual home staging to us for professional results.

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Expert Virtual Staging Services: High-Quality, Customizable Solutions for Your Properties

Our virtual staging services transform empty spaces into inviting homes, without spending on actual furnishing for photoshoots. We specialize in crafting virtual furniture layouts and virtual interior renovations, providing virtual interior design services that resonate with your target audience.

Boost your listings with photorealistic virtual home staging. We understand the power of digital image staging and 3D room visualization with furniture, creating immersive experiences like virtual walkthroughs of furnished rooms that leave a lasting impression. Our 3D floor plans and 3D architectural drawings give buyers a clear understanding of your property's potential.

Partner with HabileData for outsourced virtual home staging solutions tailored to your needs. We save you time and resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best – selling properties. Whether you're an agent, broker, developer, or homeowner, our expertise in virtual interior design for beginners and seasoned professionals ensures your listings stand out from the competition.

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Expert Virtual Staging Services

Virtual Staging Service Offerings

Our comprehensive virtual staging services, designed to transform your listings with interiors that attract buyers and streamline sales.

Virtual Furniture Layout

Strategically arrange virtual furniture in your property's digital image staging to create inviting and functional spaces.

Digital Re-Styling

Digitally re-style your virtual interior by updating finishes, removing clutter, and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Virtual Interior

Create custom virtual interiors that match your brand, style, and target audience and make your listings shine.


Digitally transform your property's interior, removing walls, changing flooring, and updating fixtures to showcase its potential.

3D Floor Plans

Provide detailed 3D floor plans that enhance buyer comprehension and showcase every angle of your property’s layout.

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Virtual Staging Samples

Virtual Staging Sample 1 After
Virtual Staging Sample 1 Before
Virtual Staging Sample 2 After
Virtual Staging Sample 2 Before

Photo Editing Tools We Use

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom Adobe Lightroom
Capture One Capture One
MidJourney MidJourney
Skylum Luminar NEO Luminar NEO

Virtual Staging Sucess Stories

Case Study
Retouch real estate images to be published on MLS,, etc.

Retouch real estate images to be published on MLS,, etc.

Technology backed workflow used to manage the 12 hour delivery cycle of sorting, selecting and editing 3,000 high quality real estate images.

HD property images improved our client's brand value.

Real Estate Image Editing Company, USA

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Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Staging Service

Expert Craftsmanship

Realistic, visually appealing virtual staging by skilled professionals.

High-Resolution Quality

Sharp, professional images that make listings stand out.

Customizable Designs

Tailored staging solutions for your vision and market.

Fast Turnaround Times

Quick delivery ensures properties are market-ready swiftly.

Comprehensive Services

Complete solutions from layout design to 3D walkthroughs.

Dedicated Support

Responsive customer service for a seamless experience.

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise spans various industries, tailoring our virtual staging services to meet specific market demands and enhance property values.

Real Estate Real Estate
Interior Design Interior Design
Architecture Architecture
Construction Construction
Property Development Property Development
Hospitality Hospitality
Event Planning Event Planning
Retail Retail
Home Renovation Home Renovation
Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate

Virtual Staging Service FAQs

What are the benefits of using virtual staging services?
Virtual staging services offer a cost-effective way to enhance the appeal of property listings. They create visually appealing interiors that help potential buyers envision the space as their own, which can increase engagement and speed up the sales process. Virtual staging also allows for easy customization and alterations, providing the flexibility that traditional staging can’t match. It eliminates the need for physical furniture, reducing staging costs and logistical challenges, and can be particularly useful for remote or international buyers, showcasing properties in their best light without geographical limitations.
What type of photos do you need for virtual staging?
For virtual staging, high-quality, high-resolution photos are essential. Images should be clear and well-lit to ensure the best possible outcome. Wide-angle photos are preferable as they capture more of the room and provide a better base for creating realistic and attractive virtual interiors. Photos should be taken from several angles to give the staging team a comprehensive view of each space. Avoid using photos with existing furniture or clutter, as clean, empty rooms are easier to work with and produce more effective virtual staging results.
What is the turnaround time for virtual staging?
The turnaround time for virtual staging typically ranges from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of rooms to be staged. Some providers offer expedited services for an additional fee, which can deliver the staged images even faster. The process may also vary based on the specific requirements of the client, such as custom furniture selection or elaborate design requests, which could extend the completion time. Generally, most virtual staging companies aim to balance quality with speed to meet client deadlines efficiently.
How much do virtual staging services cost?
The cost of virtual staging services varies depending on the provider, the complexity of the staging, and the number of rooms staged. Typically, prices range from $25 to $150 per room. Some companies offer packages or discounts for multiple rooms or recurring business. The investment is significantly lower than traditional physical staging, which can involve furniture rental and professional decorator fees. Virtual staging offers a cost-effective solution for real estate agents and homeowners looking to increase a property’s market appeal without the high costs associated with physical staging.
What types of properties can benefit from Virtual Staging?
Virtual staging can benefit a wide range of properties, including residential homes, apartments, and commercial spaces like offices, retail stores, and hospitality venues. It is especially beneficial for new constructions, vacant properties, and listings where the physical staging costs would be prohibitive. Virtual staging can also be used effectively for remodeling projects to show potential future outcomes. By enhancing the visual appeal of these properties, virtual staging helps attract a broader audience, potentially leading to quicker sales and higher selling prices.
How does the Virtual Staging process work?
The Virtual Staging process begins with clients providing high-resolution photographs of the empty rooms they wish to stage. Clients may discuss their style preferences, target audience, and any specific requests with the staging team. The staging company then uses software to digitally insert furniture and decor into the images, creating realistic and attractive interiors. The designs are tailored to enhance the property’s appeal and showcase its potential. Once the staging is complete, the enhanced photos are sent back to the client for approval and can then be used in marketing materials.
How long does Virtual Staging take?
The duration of the virtual staging process can vary, but most projects are completed within 24 to 48 hours after the staging company receives the necessary photos and instructions. The timeline may be extended if the project is particularly large or complex, or if specific customizations are requested. Expedited services are often available for clients who need faster turnaround times. Overall, virtual staging is much quicker than traditional staging, which involves physical labor, scheduling, and logistics.

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