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Fully managed data annotation services with a focus on speed, accuracy and cost competency. We leverage human intelligence to produce accurately labelled training data for machine learning and artificial intelligence companies.

Outsource data annotation to train your AI and ML models at cost-effective prices

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Cost- Effective

Cost- Effective

Minimize cost with our cost-effective pricing.


Predictive & automated annotation technology.
Scalable Team

Scalable Team

Ability to scale as per client requirement.
100+ Data Types

100+ Data Types

Experts to annotate objects for various industries.
10K+ Labeling Daily

10K+ Labeling Daily

Accurately annotated data to meet turnaround time.

Custom data annotation solutions to train your AI / ML algorithms

Annotating voluminous data to feed into your AI/ML model is costly, time consuming, and requires data annotation specialists.

We provide data and image annotation, tagging and labeling services to train and build efficient AI/ML and NLP algorithms suitable for your processes.

As a leading outsourced data annotation company, we are equipped to add metadata in various formats like video, images, text, LIDAR point cloud data etc. to datasets of any size. For projects with multiple complexity, we are known for annotating training data directly into client’s application.

Our data annotation and labeling solutions range from polygon annotation, bounding box annotation, semantic segmentation, and 3D Point Cloud Annotation and many more. We support annotation for named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, speech and text recognition, text and intent classification, etc.

Accurate and high-quality human annotated data

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We annote and label variety of data across industry verticals

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Real Estate Real Estate
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Data annotation FAQs

What is data annotation?

Data annotation is the process of categorizing data for machines to identify. You add metadata to dataset for AI applications. The metadata or the tags can be added to all kinds of data such as audio, video, text, image etc. Adding consistent and comprehensive tags helps develop training data for machine learning.

What needs to be annotated?

Annotation can be of various types depending on the form of data. Any data can be annotated be it video and audio annotation, text categorization, content categorization or semantic annotation. Depending on your requirement data can be annotated.

How can you benefit from outsourcing data annotation or data labeling services to our team?

Data annotation is a complex process and you would require experts from the field to label the data. Equipped with high-quality annotation techniques and domain expertise we can do data annotation with utmost precision and can handle projects of any complexity. Outsourcing data annotation to our team will help you focus more on your core business.

How much data do you need for your ML/AI project?

It will depend on the complexity of your project and chosen algorithm. However, project can be started with simple models with limited data before advancing to complex models requiring large amount of data.

Do you need subject matter experts for data annotation?

It would depend on the complexity of your project. A very complex industry specific project will need a subject expert from the field to label the data. Specialized skills will ensure better accuracy.

What kind of data formats are supported by HabileData?

We are experts at providing data annotation for a wide plethora of data formats including PNG, JPEG, zip, avi, gz, tar, mov, mp4 etc. Our advanced technology infrastructure empowers us to deliver annotated data through Secure FTP folders or Cloud Data Transfer, Client Applications, Dropbox or any other mode of client's choice.

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