Image Annotation for Swiss Food Waste Assessment Solution Provider

Image Annotation - Case Study

The Company: Food Waste Assessment Solution Provider

Industry: Food Industry

Company Headquarters: Switzerland

Image Annotation for Swiss Food Waste Assessment Solution Provider

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The Objective:

The client had captured thousands of food garbage throwing images which he wanted to use for analysing food wastage. And for that purpose, client wanted the food images to be labelled and categorized so that they could be used as training data for accurate interpretation of visual data through data annotation.

The Challenges:
  • Hiring annotation specialists who could understand the terminologies of food industry.
  • Specialists who had knowledge on the European food products.
  • Recognizing food products from various food items jumbled in the tray.
HabileData’s Solution
  • Project assessment was done by data annotation specialists at HabileData to label food images to prepare training data.
  • Workflow was designed after assessing the food product images on client’s software.
  • Food product images were labelled against the master repository of food items present in the client’s portal
    • Visuals were validated against the pictures captured during garbage throwing.
    • Repeated reviewing helped in accurate identification of food item.
    • Images were tagged and segmented against the client defined product list and standards of restaurants and hotels.
    • Any doubt on the image identification was confirmed by the client before labeling.
  • Stringent quality check process was followed to maintain data accuracy.
    • A parallel labelling activity was done by the client in-house .
    • The data was compared with the data submitted by HabileData to check for any inconsistencies.
    • Any mismatch or data deviation was used by client for training purpose.
    • Any problem with data was taken up for relabelling.
  • Labelled food images to be used as training data were uploaded on client’s portal through automation.
    • Reports were generated giving details on number and types of images labeled.
    • Analytical insights based on day, time, type of food wasted, total wastage against total quantity etc. was prepared.
  • Technology - Secure Login to Client portal through web-browser
Business Impact
  • Enhanced machine learning models
  • Accurate food wastage analysis
  • Improved business performance

Value Addition

Partnering with HabileData for image annotation helped the client successfully analyse the food wastage in various food chains and restaurants. The process followed by HabileData for quality check ensured complete accuracy leading to perfect annotation helping client build credibility in the market.

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