Image Annotation and Tagging Services

High quality image annotation services to develop better performing machine learning models. Our advanced AI image annotation techniques accurately label each image in your dataset making objects detectable by machine.

Measure the dimensions from pixel-to-pixel for annotating every image perfectly.

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Pre-labeling For Common Classes

Pre-labeling For Common Classes

Multi-label and multi-class image labeling.
ML-assisted Segmentation

ML-assisted Segmentation

Improved image labeling and annotation.
Easy Data Exchange across Sources

Easy Data Exchange across Sources

Annotated images compatible to your model.
Multi-layered QC Workflows

Multi-layered QC Workflows

Power ML with high-quality image datasets.
Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Create accurately labeled dataset 4X faster.
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Key facts of our image annotation services


First Time Approval


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Images Annotated Daily


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Areas of expertise

We annote and label variety of images across industry verticals

IT, AI & ML Companies IT, AI & ML Companies
Real Estate Real Estate
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Construction Construction
Automotive Automotive
Media & Publishing Media & Publishing
Retail & eCommerce Retail & eCommerce
Healthcare Healthcare

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