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Inaccurate image annotation can lead to flawed AI training, hinder computer vision models and weaken data quality, affecting business insights and outcomes. With HabileData’s image annotation and labeling services, you can achieve higher accuracy in computer vision applications or AI models, streamline operations and elevate data quality.

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Pre-labeling For Common Classes

Pre-labeling For Common Classes

Multi-label and multi-class image labeling.
ML-assisted Segmentation

ML-assisted Segmentation

Improved image labeling and annotation.
Easy Data Exchange across Sources

Easy Data Exchange across Sources

Annotated images compatible to your model.
Multi-layered QC Workflows

Multi-layered QC Workflows

Power ML with high-quality image datasets.
Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Create accurately labeled dataset 4X faster.
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Image Annotation Success Stories

Case Study
Image annotation for swiss food waste assessment solution provider

Image annotation for swiss food waste assessment solution provider

The food images to be labelled and categorized so that the client could use them as training data for accurate interpretation of visual data through data annotation.

Food Waste Assessment Solution Provider, Switzerland

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We annote and label variety of images across industry verticals

IT, AI & ML Companies IT, AI & ML Companies
Real Estate Real Estate
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Construction Construction
Automotive Automotive
Media & Publishing Media & Publishing
Retail & eCommerce Retail & eCommerce
Healthcare Healthcare

Image Annotation Services FAQs

What is image annotation and why is it important?

The process to label or tag images using text or annotation tools is known as image annotation. It is like adding a metadata or sub-text to a dataset. Such annotated image databases are used to train machine learning models to recognize objects and boundaries. Image annotation helps to power computer vision models with end-to-end pixeled images to allow automated segmentation and classification of objects.

What types of image annotation services does HabileData offer?

HabileData offers end-to-end image annotation services like image recognition and classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, boundary recognition, 2D bounding boxes, facial recognition, lines and spines, polygons and geo-spatial annotation.

How does HabileData ensure data accuracy and quality in image annotation?

HabileData experts ensure optimum accuracy and quality in image annotation by setting stringent benchmarks, adherence to pre-defined quality metrics and automated and manual auditing methods. We deliver at a rate of 99.5% accuracy.

Can HabileData handle large-scale image annotation projects?

Yes, we currently manage image annotation for 10,000+ images in a day. We are adequately staffed to ramp up our capacity in matter of hours too.

How does HabileData handle sensitive or confidential images during annotation?

We manage sensitive or confidential images with non-disclosure agreements, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, multiple level of data classification and user-based control access among our personnel.

Can HabileData handle customized annotation requirements?

With required classifications, customized attributes, hierarchical relationships, and relevant labels, HabileData seamlessly manages customization requirements.

How can businesses get started with HabileData's image annotation services?

You can contact us through Contact us page and our sales team will connect with you soonest. Alternatively, you can send a quick email to to get started with our image annotation services.

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