Real Estate Property Data Collection for UK Based Company

Data Collection - Case Study

The Company: Real Estate – MLS Company

Industry: Real Estate

Company Headquarters: UK

Property Data Collection for Real Estate Company

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The Objective:
Property data research, collection and compilation of sales & ownership, real estate listings, commercial real estate listings, foreclosure listings, craigslist real estate and many more.
HabileData’s Solution

Team of 300+ real estate data entry specialists collected 10 million records in 2 years, comprising of high complexity data fields such as: Grantor/Grantee details (name(s)), address(s)), Deed date/Record Date etc. from property documents such as Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Releases, Credit Documents, and Public notices.

Client wished to publish a weekly newspaper and monthly magazine based on our online data entry records, meeting quality and accuracy with quick turnaround time.

Value Addition

Seamless continuity in publishing, printed and online, a weekly real estate newspaper and a monthly magazine.

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