Accurate Property Data Collection for Periodicals Builds 10M+ Strong CRM Database

Data Collection - Case Study

The Company: Leading data research and information provider of digital and printed periodicals

Industry: Real Estate

Company Headquarters: USA

Accurate Collection of Customer Records for Marketing of Periodicals

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Business Need Property Data Collection Services

USA-based real-estate publisher provides property intelligence through daily, weekly and monthly periodicals to global customers. For this, the company engages in property information collection from multiple sources spread in 500+ counties. This amounts to capturing more than 10 million records a month.

Given the challenges of sustaining volumes and accuracy, the real estate company outsourced property data collection for their periodicals to HabileData.


Solutions Structured Workflow for Property Data Collection

    The data professionals at HabileData developed a structured workflow to collect, capture, segment, cleanse and format property data from multiple structured and unstructured property documents and online sources.

    Approach for Property Information Collection

    Hiring and Training

    • A team of 500+ professionals with strong analytical and comprehension skills and real estate domain expertise was identified to work across shifts and geographies.
    • Imparted training to capture domain specific information from 250+ fields like owner name, contact details, document type, geography and other details.


    • Defined a workflow to collect, cleanse and structure data in the format to meet client requirement.
    • Identified the extensive list of real estate documents consisting of deeds, mortgages, assignments, releases, credit documents, public notices and online resources.
    • Collected 28,000+ customer records daily from multiple property documents in a single integrated database that was cleansed, de-duplicated and standardized as per client requirement.
    • Implemented custom bots, macros and spiders to decrease repetitive tasks, increase pace and reduce errors.

    Verification and Quality Check

    • Verified and validated the data against pre-defined checklist; and through rule-based algorithms for complete accuracy.

Business Impact Enhanced Operational and Marketing Efficiencies

  • Enhanced accuracy of property data to 99.5%
  • Added millions of property records to strengthen database
  • Increased circulation of periodicals

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