PDF to XML Conversion of DOI and Summaries

Data Conversion - Case Study

The Company: Software Development Company

Industry: ITES

Company Headquarters: USA

PDF to XML Conversion for Software Development Company

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The Objective:
Conversion of DOI/summaries available in PDF documents into XML.
HabileData’s Solution

Manual keying of text from PDF files into MS Word.

XML tagging was done by experts and a complex check list was used to cross check the data as a part of quality control process.

Files were validated for discrepancies. Random audit of XML files was done by QC professional.

The finalized files went through a quality assurance check and approval and were deliver to client via a secure FTP server.

Value Addition

The XML files made it more convenient for the clients to easily use and re-purpose the content for publishing. Client saved upon dollars as the new XML file format required less storage space

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