Rebate Processing Solutions for Accurate Data Entry of Rebate Forms

Rebate Processing - Case Study

The Company: Rebate Management Company

Industry: BPM

Company Headquarters: USA

Rebate Processing Solutions for A USA Based Company

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The Objective:
100% accurate data entry of required information from different types of handwritten and scanned rebate forms (3,000 to 5,000 forms daily) in a web-based application.
HabileData’s Solution

Imparted training to executives to enter voluminous data from 20-25 different types of scanned rebate forms in a web based application.

To avoid human errors and maintain consistency, the forms were classified into different categories, and each team was assigned a different category.

Handwritten scanned forms may lead to misinterpretation of data; hence, we ensured a smooth and properly channelized communication between the client and data entry operators.

The completed document was subjected to a meticulous quality control to ensure that there are no missing values, or incorrect information.

Value Addition

99.99% accuracy in manual data entry of rebate receipts; which ultimately resulted into satisfaction to the end-customers.

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