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Resume Processing - Case Study

Resume Formatting Solutions for Creating an Organized Database

Client: Leading Recruitment Agency in USA

Project Details:

Convert huge volume of resumes into a standard format, further streamlining information within the client's database.

Resume Formatting Solutions for a Recruitment Agency

Solutions Provided:

Volume of resumes varied extensively, throughout the entire project. So, to ensure effective and quality deliverables, we deployed two teams to work in separate shifts addressing requirements of customers from USA and UAE regions.

Since, the volume and type of resumes varied, we cross-trained the team to handle different formats (from USA and UAE), and process them more effectively.

We created a standard format consisting of font style, indentation, header/footer, and page numbers. This enabled us to maintain record uniformity in all the resumes.

Maintaining consistency was the utmost priority for our team, hence to avoid any confusions or inconsistencies, we assigned dedicated personnel from each shift to handle the tasks.