Convert PDFs into ePub Format with IDPF Standards for Government Dept.

Data Conversion - Case Study

The Company: Government Department

Industry: Government

Company Headquarters: Sweden, Europe

PDF To EPub Conversion With IDPF Standards

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The Objective:
Ongoing process of converting 250+ PDF documents a month to ePub files; through HTML Editor, followed with validation and checking the content using ePub validator and reader, ensuring high quality output.
HabileData’s Solution

A team of experienced conversion specialists worked on the project to handle more than 250 documents a month, using HTML/XHTML editor, ePub validator and ePub reader.

Documents were converted to an ePub format, to allow access on varied eReading devices including Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Bookworm, Stanza (Windows, iPhone, iPod Touch) and many more.

All documents were audited by Quality Assurance team before processing the files & then provided to clients with real time status reports about number of files in process and the ones processed.

Value Addition

Documents converted to ePub format were conveniently accessible across multiple hand held devices.

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