BIB Number Entry

Photo sales of competitors / participants in sports events is an increasingly important revenue earner for photography companies and individual photographers.

To maximize those sales, accurate identification of competitors / participants is very important. We at HabileData are applying our experience to provide this information quickly, with accurate keywording of bib numbers.

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BIB number entry & keywording services

Our BIB keywording service is suited to fun runs to large-participation triathlons, marathons, cycling events, but also equestrian, bike racing, motor racing – any event where competitors wear identification numbers.

All the work is done by experienced and trained process associates to keep accuracy rates high, and further spot checks are carried out to make sure that the numbers are being entered correctly. We work closely with the clients so that they are aware how the project is going.

With a 24/7 presence, we are able to time our production to have images available as soon as possible after they are submitted across the globe.

  • BIB number keywording service
  • BIB number entry into the metadata of the photo
  • BIB keywording for competitor IDs
  • IPTC keyword entry on large volume photos
  • EXIF metadata entry

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