Web Research to Build Accurate Email List for a Lead Generation Company

Data Cleansing - Case Study

The Company: Lead Generation Company

Industry: Marketing and Sales

Company Headquarters: USA

Web Research to Build Accurate Email List for a Lead Generation Company

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The Objective:
Leverage web research as email list building strategy to further help clients optimize the lead conversion funnel. Data Aggregator Company wanted experts to scout the internet to collect/extract accurate information of prospects; to create business alliance, build network and other marketing purposes.
The Challenges:

From almost 6 billion unique email addresses, we were to find out:

  • Email addresses of target audience and where they hangout on web
  • Combat rapid data decay due to individuals frequently changing email IDs
  • Changed email addresses as companies go out of business or merge with a different organization
  • Maintain the accuracy and overall quality of collected email addresses
HabileData’s Solution

Our dedicated team of web researchers and data entry operators derived a workflow for web research aka internet research, to filter and collect data from key levels of information available in form of public records. We leveraged crawlers and programmable bots to collect information like person name, company information, phone numbers, location, events etc. to:

  • Initiate the research based on search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Further used over 100 regional search engines to collect data based on customer’s location
  • Standardizing, cleansing, validation and appending the data collected through web research
  • Apart from sharing data in text files, Excel spreadsheets and SQL server tables; we depicted it in form of charts, graphs, and visual dashboards.
Business Impact
  • Perfect mailing list to contact right kind of current and potential clients
  • Marketing campaigns yielded optimal results with clean, accurate and enhanced mailing lists
  • Client was empowered with accurate data to make announcement of new products and events
  • Distribute surveys and questionnaires to improve market opportunities

Value Addition

Marketing teams were able to concentrate on contemplating or making strategies rather than collecting and validating data from Internet.

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