Cleansing 17M+ Records Every Year for American Hospitality Industry

Data Cleansing - Case Study

The Company: Leading Data Aggregator Company

Industry: Hospitality Sector

Company Headquarters: USA

Cleansing 17M+ Records Every Year for American Hospitality Industry

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The Objective:
Data Aggregator Company looking to cleanse, and enrich 17 million records every year. Accurate records with multiple fields were to be used to derive targeted marketing strategies for end clients in the hospitality sector. For this they required a data framework and an automated data cleansing process that addresses their end client’s business specific data requirements.
The Challenges:
  • Urgent transition as current/in-house data cleansing set-up proved costly & time consuming
  • Adjusting strategies according to final decision making authorities which changed frequently
  • Maintaining the 12 hour delivery cycle of cleansed and enriched leads
  • Team of data specialists with extensive experience of working on hospitality projects
HabileData’s Solution

HabileData initiated the project by roping in data professionals experienced at working on hospitality data projects. We leverage ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001 certified process to cleanse, structure, standardize, validate and enrich records comprising of multiple fields. The data sets are then pushed through a meticulous four-step process including:

  • Check table: Validating 14.5 million records against an existing master repository. Junk data (normally 5-10%) is set aside for manual validation before being merged with clean pool. Fuzzy or low confidence data is transferred in the workflow further for rule-based validation.
  • Web research: Real-time authentication of 2 million plus records every year, against data available at online sources. Data professionals would call up relevant contacts to ascertain validity – as and when required.
  • Segmentation: The most complex step involves segmentation of more than 1 million records; and assigning industry codes based on client defined logic and hospitality industry standards.
  • Audit and review: A thorough quality check process involving de-duplication, re-validation etc. through programmable macros and scripts to ensure data integrity.
Business Impact
  • Use of Time zone difference for faster delivery of database in requested batches helped the client to meet lead requirements of end customers.
  • Client credits HabileData’s adaptability to frequent changes in their final decision making authorities; to the seamless data management.
  • Data professionals working for more than 3-4 years on this project capable of making confident validation and enrichment decisions; enhanced the decision making process and reduced overall processing cycle time.
  • Data Aggregator Company has been consistently delivering 100% accurate data to their clients, year on year in the last decade, which has ensured a strong relationship with them.

Value Addition

Looking at the positives of our decade long partnership, the data aggregator company is not only open to process improvement suggestions by HabileData; but has implemented them too for better client satisfaction and experience.

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