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Check Processing - Case Study

Check Processing and Data Entry on a Daily Basis for a USA Based Company

Client: Payment Processing Company in USA

Project Details:

The project was about the donation payment processing, which involved the repair of credit and debit scan lines, enter check amounts and dates. The data entry operators were required to enter data from all the checks to a software within given time frame.

Check Processing Solutions for Payment Processing Company

Solutions Provided:

Employed a team of 16 full-time data entry operators on the project for processing more than 150,000 checks daily.

As the project was complex involving high risks; we established a smooth communication channel between key staff members to comprehend the existing data systems, as well as their current and future business requirements.

Additionally, we acquired an understanding of the technical environment and conditions necessary for the data conversion and software rollout.

The final entries were thoroughly checked for any inconsistencies or problems. Issues found were handed over to concerned operator for rectification.