Data Verification of Investment Portfolios for Financial Advisory Firm

Data Validation - Case Study

The Company: A Leading Advisory Firm Providing Financial Business Data to Economic Development Organizations

Industry: BFSI

Company Headquarters: USA

Data Verification of Investment Portfolios for Financial Advisory Firm

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The Objective:

The client a leading advisory firm supported EDOs with investment intelligence to bring in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). To structure financial data into customer-centric investment portfolios the client required huge volumes of financial data to be captured, cleansed and validated to convert them into actionable information. The advisory firm looked for a partner to verify huge volumes of financial records captured from multiple sources. Hence the client approached HabileData to support the data collection and verification activities.

The Challenges:
  • Verifying 28 thousand records with more than 80 fields like foundation year, employee count, revenue, contact details, global head quarter etc.
  • Hiring and training resources with high comprehension skills to identify missing information and append through web research.
  • Finding authentic sources to verify information as different sources listed different information on the same company.
  • Fast-paced data decay made verification of contact details challenging.
HabileData’s Solution
  • Skilled team was set up to capture data from multiple sources, verify and standardise for single customer view.
  • Based on the on the skill set the team was divided into two parts to handle data collection and verification of different complexities.
    • Semi-skilled professionals handled simple verification tasks like contact details.
    • High-skilled professionals handled critical information which required mind application and logical thinking like company revenue, turnover, employee count etc.
  • Automation was used for quick and accurate data collection and verification.
    • Macros, bots and customized crawler were deployed to crawl through multiple websites to capture address of company’s global headquarters.
    • Dissimilar information of the same company across various data sources were identified through programmable bots and macros.
  • Verified data across multiple fields was consolidated into a structured database.
  • The final data was presented in a customer-centric investment portfolio format.
Business Impact
  • Quick and easy access to investment data
  • Integrated view of customer investment portfolio
  • Visually appealing reports

Value Addition

Accurate verification and enrichment of financial business data built robust investment portfolio to support government agencies bring in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

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