Data Update and Enrichment for B2b Data Aggregator Built a Robust Database

Data Enrichment - Case Study

The Company: B2B Data Aggregator

Industry: ITES

Company Headquarters: California, USA

Data Update and Enrichment for B2b Data Aggregator Built a Robust Database

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The Objective:

The client a California-based B2B data aggregator provides intelligent end-to-end prospecting business data solutions to major institutional investors. To ensure the accuracy of its 50 million business data client required ongoing validation, updation and enrichment of its database. Therefore, the client partnered with HabileData to support data management and build accurate and comprehensive database.

The Challenges:
  • Hiring and training resources with high analytical and comprehensive skills.
  • Managing and handling fast paced data decay as business contact and company data change at an incredible speed leading to data decay and stale data.
  • Constant updation of real time data.
  • Voluminous omni-channel sourcing to capture business records from multiple disparate data sources.
  • Research and customization as per client’s requirement.
  • Sourcing authentic data for smaller and medium size companies and start-ups, keeping in line with privacy norms.
  • Handling large and fluctuating volumes.
HabileData’s Solution
  • Team of skilled resources was set up to manage multiple tasks.
    • Update and enrich the existing records with hundreds of additional data points.
    • Cleansing and de-duplicating the database at regular intervals.
    • Addition of new profiles.
  • Requisite training was imparted to comprehend client’s vast database of global organizations.
  • The database reviewed and enriched at regular intervals powered by manual research, omni-channel sourcing, validation, ML algorithms and custom rules.
  • The company data in the database appended by adding missing details and ensuring that the information is complete and current.
  • The existing organization details such as founder detail, IPO, revenue, employee increment etc. authenticated against reliable online sources like business directories, blogs, forums, social media sites, etc.
  • Database also constantly updated with new company data as per the eligibility defined; the parameters validated and analysed.
    • Scheduled bots and crawlers were used to harvest data.
    • ML driven Robotic process automation (RPA) was deployed to ensure uninterrupted addition of new company records.
    • Rule-based validation process was used to authenticate data.
  • Validation and analysis of the criteria done against trusted sources, mutually agreed upon and in discussion with client.
  • Effective planning and scheduling helped meet dynamic project requirements.
  • Quality checks and audits ensured data accuracy.
Business Impact
  • Robust and high performing database
  • Enhanced customer perception and experience
  • Improved business performance

Value Addition

Ongoing profile enrichment with 150k profiles added monthly lead to a comprehensive database, helping client provide intelligent prospecting solutions to major institutional investors.

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