309,000 Attorney Profiles Collected Within 45 Days Resulting in High Performing Database

Data Collection - Case Study

The Company: B2B Service Provider

Industry: Legal

Company Headquarters: California, USA

309,000 Attorney Profiles Collected Within 45 Days Resulting in High Performing Database

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The Objective:
The client was looking for a comprehensive data repository of existing and non-existing attorney members registered with California Bar Council.
The Challenges:
  • Managing technical infrastructure for voluminous and complex project
  • Complete project within predefined timeline maintaining quality
  • Identifying and extracting huge volumes of profiles from multiple sources
  • Ensuring accuracy of data collected
HabileData’s Solution
  • A robust workflow to conduct web research for data collection was derived and deployed to research and update information of attorney profiles (even those who are no longer alive).
  • Using custom tools/scripts/macros our team captured the information from multiple sources.
  • Quality check was done by dedicated QC team against the prepared check list for validating and verifying the data to maintain high accuracy.
  • Once the QC was done the final data was profiled in 2 segments - licensing and discipline.
  • These files were then converted into Pipe Delimited file as requested by the client.
  • Volumes handled: 309,000 records updated in a quick span of 45 days.
Business Impact
  • Disparate attorney information in structured and unstructured format turned into systematic and easy-to-access attorney data repository.
  • A directory that lists attorneys that include information about their special practice areas.
  • The repository not only provided ready access to information about attorneys but also offered a means of gathering national statistics on licensing and discipline.

Value Addition

99.9% accurate attorney data furnished client information requirements of attorneys practicing in the state of California.

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