Data Collection of 309,000 Attorneys within 45 Days for B2B Data Aggregator

Data Collection - Case Study

The Company: B2B Services Provider

Industry: Legal

Company Headquarters: California, USA

309,000 Attorney Profiles Collected Within 45 Days Resulting in High Performing Database

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Business Need Attorney Data Collection Services

As part of its ongoing initiatives to strengthen its product portfolio, a USA-based data sales company was creating a comprehensive database of the Californian bar council. This database of existing and non-existing attorneys would serve various purposes like attorney verification, member statistics on licensing, track disciplinary actions, etc.

The activity posed a string of challenges such as getting access to reliable records, setting up technical infrastructure to manage the attorney data gathering process, familiarizing data teams with complexity of legal records and managing shifting work volumes.

The B2B data aggregator hence outsourced their multi-sourced data collection and compilation services to HabileData.


Solutions Timely, Accurate and Structured Attorney Data Collection

The data professionals at HabileData captured and standardized attorney profiles from several structured and unstructured web resources. An easy-to-access data repository containing information of attorney names, special practice areas, location, age, years of experience, etc. was collated and delivered to client meeting TAT and quality benchmarks.

Approach for Attorney Profiles Data Gathering:

Hiring and Training

  • Hired a team with skills in data gathering, processing and web research; imparted domain knowledge training especially on legal terminologies and extensive web research.


  • Defined a structured manual workflow to capture data from multiple legal sites.
  • Collected, cleansed, standardized, and de-duplicated attorney data available and integrated it in an excel spreadsheet.
  • Deployed custom bots and macros to capture data that couldn’t be collected through manual methods. As per the client requirement, the data was further segmented for – licensing and discipline.

Quality Check and Audit

  • To maintain optimum quality, the data was checked against a pre-defined list of required fields. After rigorous QC, the final data was formatted and converted into Pipe Delimited file.


  • Captured and curated 309,000 records within a quick span of 45 days with 99.9% accuracy.

Business Impact Boosted Operational Excellence

  • High quality achieved at lower costs and within TAT
  • High performing attorney database enhanced business revenues
  • Operational efficiency by leveraging outsourcing model

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