Data entry of nutrition values for buyers to make informed decisions

Data Entry - Case Study

The Company: Leading energy food products manufacturer

Industry: Food and Beverages

Company Headquarters: MA, USA

Data entry of nutrition values for buyers to make informed decisions

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The Objective:

Client required to capture and enter nutrition value of their food products to create a database. The information was to be captured and entered from around 1000 images across 550 angles into an excel spreadsheet to:

  • Disseminate nutrition information with existing and potential customers to enable them to make informed buying decisions
  • Build trust and credibility and enhance business growth
The Challenges:
  • Hiring trained resources with high label reading and analytic skills.
  • Deploy specialists to understand nutritional terminologies like fat status and calcium of a food product from labels.
  • High accuracy required given the sensitive nature of data to be entered across 36 data fields.
HabileData’s Solution
  • A team of skilled resources with domain knowledge was deployed to execute the task.
  • Team was trained to understand the nutrition labelling.
  • Information about 36 nutritional fields was extracted from 1000+ product images in more than 550 angels was entered into the excel sheet.
  • Alert/notification sent to client for fields with no data.
Business Impact
  • Quick data entry increased the number of products in display
  • Accurate nutrition information improved trust in the brand
  • Increased sales resulting in enhanced revenue

Value Addition

Seamless workflow of product details data entry enabled the manufacturer to display increased number of food products with accurate nutrition value.

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