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Image Editing & Retouching

Real Estate Image Editing: Master Your Strengths, Outsource your Weakness

post-data-icon October 6th, 2017  |   post-user-icon

Real estate photographs have succeeded big time in bringing properties natural appearance through their perfect clicks. However; making those property images look sale ready is the biggest challenge they face. Retouching and editing has been polishing such images to make them attentive at first site; the dilemma of whether to outsource photo editing or do it by own still persists.

Outsourcing and DIY; each of these options has its pros and cons. Working with real estate businesses across 51 countries, we are sure of having a solution up our sleeves to this dilemma. Its an effort we would want to make to help real photographers in opting out for the most balanced option, for that overall benefit to their business.

DIY approach saves you a few dollars, but it will cost your business

You cannot hide from the fact that upon directing an in-house team of photo editing experts, would want you to help them with advanced computer systems, latest licensed software, get space to accommodate and the routine of assigning them work timely and accounting them for it. The repetitive task of real estate photo retouching, would also want you to invest that extra time, while you are to focus on core competencies.

Upon taking up the DIY approach, you might feel good with saved dollars, but in a longer run you are sure to fail to grab some of the business opportunities to make profitable growth. And lost opportunities equal to lost dollars and reputation! While you are retouching the real estate pictures that you captured, your competitors are reaching out for new assignments leaving you behind. Across a financial year, there are always a few days when you don’t have enough tasks to utilize your in-house image retouching resources (as most of the time you are with them and not capturing real estate pictures), may cause losses and be a burden for your business.

DIY approach saves you a few dollars, but at the cost of your business

How does outsourcing real estate photo editing benefit?

Its only the professional way of showcasing properties that can boost sales. We as one of the leading outsourcing service providers are pro at doing it naturally. Our property enhancement artists work across time zones to deliver images overnight to help you adhere to strict deadlines. And the results come in with that added life which speaks louder to grab attention.

Focusing on sure-fire revenue generating sites is what we think your top priority got to be, in spite of managing those multiple sites. Photo retouching is one of those important activities for enhancing the appearance of properties, which ultimately culminates in return on investments. However; looking at it from a business perspective, it is a low growth activity if are compared with important meetings and dealings you can do to expand your business. So why not spend time with your cream customers, instead of property enhancement?

How does outsourcing real estate photo editing benefit?

Why outsource real estate photo editing & retouching?

Edit and retouch your photographs at HabileData to generate 3x detailed views and 2x leads. Our property enhancement experts also manage minor blemishing, sky enhancements, HDR photo editing, panorama stitching, twilight enhancement, floor plan conversion and much more.

But for us, real estate image editing and retouching is not just about removing unwanted objects, adjusting brightness, setting the correct contrast or replacing colors. Instead, it is all about that value addition that reaches you in form of profitable growth.

Why outsource real estate photo editing & retouching?

Scalability being an integral part of every single project at HabileData, we are always prepared to handle humongous work volumes. Our experienced designers are led by a team of supervisors and managers, put at task popular editing and retouching software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Licensed version of these software and the hand on experience of property enhancement experts, deliver the best of industry standards.

Outsourcing image editing to HabileData in India, is as if your post-production studio will work 24/7, and the credit goes to the time difference. You from USA or UK time zones can conveniently assign images to be edited or retouched to our teams in India, even at end of day, and can receive completed tasks the next day morning in your country. The time zone differences from -5:30 (GMT) through to -12:30 (PDT) is sufficient enough for real estate companies to attain more in a normal work day instead of getting it done through on-board employees at high costs.

HabileData hails from India, and so the open market policy, which is conducive to international trade relations, makes it easy on procedural bottlenecks. This includes everything from easing of tax on IT exports including consulting, software support, business process outsourcing, IT outsourcing, implementation, and hardware support.

We as outsourcing service providers have dedicated designers on-board in order to meet client needs. They all work with a focus on what they do. Our photo retouching experts go to any extent to furbish real estate photographs. It is worth investing some extra dollars, but with guaranteed ROI.

Chirag Shivalker

About Author: - active as a BPM professional for more than 15 years; believes that mindset & not the toolset ensures the success of any Business Process Management partnership. He creates strong arguments for justifying BPM initiatives, which provide leaner and more productive, flexible and efficient business operations.