Data Typing Services

We, at HabileData, provide an array of specialized, accurate online and offline typing services at very competitive rates.

With a resourceful team of specialists; we extend our to customized range solutions to a diversified global clientele that includes publication houses, libraries, accounting & bookkeeping firms, insurance, authors, manufacturers, government offices, insurance agencies, law firms and many more.

We Specialize in:

Copy Typing Services: With a resourceful team of data typists, proofreaders (for amending any spelling or grammatical errors wherever it is applicable) and editors; we deliver wide range of copy typing and formatting solutions for business letters, resumes, essay, invoices, reports, property, building inventories, survey data, audio typing and more. We also help in conversion of typed/written documents into ready digitized formats like Word DOCs, RTF files, TXT files, HTML files, or PDFs etc.

Online Data Typing Services: Our comprehensive services address exclusive requirements like general correspondence, reports, invoice, inventories, real estate details, survey data, medical records, Psychiatric and medico-legal information.

Manuscripts and Book Typing: We deliver quality best typing outputs for manuscripts, book, e-Books, Brochures, Magazines, Vouchers, receipts and bills.

Case Studies:

HabileData – Advantages:

  • More than 20 years of experience in handling huge and varied projects from our global clientele.
  • Accuracy typing and formatting solutions for print-ready documents in a designated time-frame.
  • Conversion of un-structured business data into a structured set of comprehensible information.
  • With more than 700 trained professional; we are capable of finishing large and complex project within shortest turnaround time.
  • Cost-effective typing services with no rush hour charges! A reduction in the overall operational cost, overheads and infrastructure; the expenses decreases up to 60%.
  • Strict adherence to data security and privacy.