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Image Editing - Case Study

Retouching of Fashion Accessories and Apparel Images

Client: Fashion Retailer in USA

Project Details:

Retouching and enhancement of 12,000+ images of various fashion accessories and apparels per month, to maintain client’s online store.

Image Retouching of Fashion Accessories and Apparels

Solutions Provided:

Retouch and enhance raw images using Adobe Photoshop within the turnaround time.

Skin should appear free of blemishes, bruises, tattoos, piercing, etc. however skin should retain its texture and not look too soft or plastic.

Hair should be lightly touched, only when necessary. Light fly away removal when too much exist. Avoid over re-touching the hair.

Garment should be free of excess wrinkles, sides should be smoothened and bra straps and bulges removed.

Background should be solid white; dirt on the floor and background items need to be completely removed however, foot shadow should remain.