How professional photo editing adds value to your eCommerce store

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How professional photo editing adds value to your eCommerce store
Given the inability to touch or feel products in any eCommerce business, graphical visualization of the products is the key to the success of online retail business. Visually attractive product photos positively impact online sales, making professional photo editing and retouching activities an imperative for online retailers.

Customers visiting online shopping portals and eCommerce websites cannot touch, feel and try the product as in a physical outlet or showroom. Consumer experience and subsequent buying decisions are guided primarily by displayed product images.

Unfortunately, not all product images are at par with the standards expected by a customer. Photograph of a product may change the perceived value of it in multiple ways.

Too much noise

Makes image look shabby

Incorrect lighting

Leads to color deviations

Wrong background

Renders product unattractive

This is where professional photo editing comes into the picture.

A lot of post-production image editing activities like cropping, straightening, color correction, noise reduction, background removal, ghost mannequin, etc., are required to get optimal high-quality images for eCommerce portals.

High quality image editing of underwater swimmers enhances customer engagement

A UK company with franchises in more than eight countries, imparts swimming lessons to infants. Their value-add marketing initiatives requires them to share high quality underwater images of infants learning to swim with parents.

The company has partnered with HabileData for this ongoing image editing project which calls for color correction, noise reduction, retouching etc. The post production team at HabileData processes thousands of images in a very short turnaround time meeting stringent quality standards.

The result shows as:

  • Satisfied and extremely engaged parents
  • Enhanced brand image of client company
  • Wonderful words of appreciation from the client for our post production artists!

What an eBay study on the importance of product photos in E-commerce concludes:

  • Images increase buyers’ attention, trust and conversion rate-especially for products where appearance plays a key role.
  • Post processed good quality product images increase overall perceived value of the e-store, positively impacting decisions of buyers to shop from there.

The study established that successful sellers owed their higher success ratio to the quality of images they used for online product sale. Good quality images played a crucial role, often neutralizing not so positive shopping experiences.

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4 major benefits of high-quality product photos to your online stores

Image editing involves a number of post processing techniques such as background removal, adding shadows, making color corrections etc., all of which enhance image quality.

  • Elevate image of web store

    Elevates image of web store

    A store with high quality product images will always have a better impression than web stores with low quality images.

  • Attracts customer attention

    Attracts customer attention

    An online store does not provide its customers the privilege of touching or testing their products like a physical outlet.

  • Build customer trust

    Builds customer trust

    Realistic and aesthetically correct representation of an image can go a long way in building trust amongst online shopper for the product.

  • Increased revenue

    Increases revenue

    Large good quality product images are found to be directly proportional to increase in revenue for any ecommerce portal.

High quality images processing reinforces fashion store’s brand image

HabileData delivered, a fashion retail giant operating with 532 stores in 47 states across USA a total of 324,000 edited product photos; ensuring blemishes or bruises did not appear on the models skin, garments looked wrinkle free, products were enhanced with solid backgrounds etc. The turnaround time was just 8 to 12, which entailed:

  • On-time launch of the store
  • Images which reinforced client’s brand identity
  • Savings on cost

7 advanced photo editing techniques to improve product photo quality:

We at HabileData, a Hitech iSolutions company, assist leading online retail players to meet their eCommerce retouching and editing requirements including advanced skin retouching, mode photo retouching, ghost mannequin, invisible mannequin effect, etc. We leverage a fine blend of multiple operational techniques and technologies to ensure business success for our clients.

Image cropping and re-sizing


A perfect image view requires cropping and resizing to suit various angles. This has to be in thumbnail, normal and zoom view for getting better perspective. Additionally, any unwanted objects, borders or blank spaces are to be removed from the images for the shoppers to focus on the product.

Noise reduction


Grainy images blur the image and make them look unclear. Image editing specialists eliminate extra luminance and color noise for a clearer product view.

Background removal


A vague photo background distracts buyers, making them lose focus of the key object. Photo editing companies remove such distracting backgrounds, and replace them with a clear/relevant background without affecting the overall picture quality.

Clipping path, usually used for photo background editing, involves cutting out the product and placing them on clear backgrounds. This reduces product photography costs, as capturing various images to include product detailing is not required. Instead the individual details are extracted from main image.

Image masking


With image masking solutions, one can avoid pre and post production hassles and expenses. Best used to treat complex images where clipping path cannot do wonders, masking helps image editing and retouching professionals hide unwanted image pixels. The technique comes in handy when image editors need to remove background from complex images such as waving hair, flames, smoke, glasses, chiffon and other transparent and semi-transparent images.

Color correction


It is the first step in image editing for fixing color or tonal challenges. Color correction makes images come out in actual colors, often not possible in product photography. Image editing and retouching professionals adjust color, contrast and brightness of the photos making them look vibrant and lively; thus appealing to the visual sense of the buyers.

Photo retouching


It leaves an ever lasting impact on your visitors; when the true essence of the image is brought by removing lens glare, spots, blemishes and scratches.

Ghost mannequin service


In the apparel industry, 3D displays of clothes have a greater visual impact than 2D views. By editing product images, the apparel are displayed on a mannequin as shown above. It gives the consumer a better idea as to how the apparel would look once they put it on. Ghost mannequin or neck joint technique makes the garment look prominent in the picture, giving a better view to the shape and look of the garment – making the label on the neck visible.


A competitive eCommerce market demands that website owners aggressively drive traffic to their sites, engage visitors to have them continue cruising through multiple product pages, entice them to buy, and keep pace with order management schedules. What’s pivotal to the engagement, enticement and conversion is the use of advanced photoshop retouching techniques resulting in high quality, well-edited product display. Delightful images have proven their worth in catching the attention of customers. Investing in professional product photo editing or outsourcing product photo editing is definitely worth – given the accelerated sales assured.

Moreover, with the onset of 3D imaging, eCommerce retailers can provide their customers with an opportunity to interact with the product like never before. With 3D product imaging, customers can choose what part of the product they want to see. They can zoom in or zoom out, rotate the object & view it in motion. This is the future of product display for eCommerce business. Once the eCommerce market adopts this trend, the importance of e-commerce photo editing and retouching is projected to grow manifold.

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