Photo editing experts transform raw images into enticing product photos. To help you find the right photo editing services, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 product photo editing companies based on history, location, workforce, clients, projects, and ratings.

In photography, capturing the perfect shot is winning only half the battle. The real magic happens behind the scenes in the skilled hands of photo editing experts who transform raw images into breathtaking works of art. However, finding the right product photo editing company that aligns with your specific needs often gets difficult.

To assist you in your quest for excellence, we have researched and curated a list of the Top 10 companies to outsource product photo editing services. These selections are based on a comprehensive set of criteria that includes each company’s founding history, location, workforce, services offered, prestigious client roster, noteworthy projects, and Google Ratings.

In evaluating the top product photo editing outsourcing companies, we considered several key factors that set these industry leaders apart.

First and foremost, we examined the number of years each company has been in the business and their experience in this field.

The strength of their workforce played a pivotal role, as it directly correlated with the quality of their professional product image editing. Besides this, we scrutinized their extensive range of service offerings, ensuring they cater to a diverse clientele.

The track record of clients and projects served as a testament to their expertise, and we paid close attention to their ratings and reviews, providing insights into the satisfaction of their customers. With these comprehensive criteria in mind, we’ve curated a list of the most outstanding product photo editing and retouching companies in 2024, ready to meet your visual content needs with precision and excellence.

selecting the best product photo editing company

OMS Photo

OMS Photo, founded in 1989, is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company operates two main studios located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Golden, Colorado, and it maintains two affiliate studios in Orlando, Florida, and Dayton, Ohio. Employing between 11-50 staff members, OMS Photo also collaborates with 50 associated members to deliver its services.

OMS Photo specializes in commercial photography and offers a broad range of services, including digital retouching, video production and editing, brand photography, and in food photography. They offer professional photo retouching (product, people, food, etc.) extensive photography (food, product, lifestyle, hospitality, etc.), and video services.

OMS Photo has a varied portfolio of clients and projects that showcase its diverse capabilities. The company maintains a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 on Indeed, reflecting its commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Bright River

Bright River, founded in 2005, is headquartered in Haarlem, North Holland, with a second head office in New York, NY. The company employs over 1,350 staff across four offices on three continents, providing services in image editing, product video editing, and content enrichment.

Specializing in fields such as graphical processes outsourcing, photo editing, 3D modeling, product image enhancement and e-commerce optimization, Bright River serves a global client base from Scandinavia to South Africa and North and South America to the Middle East and Asia. With offices in strategic locations like New York, Haarlem, Dhaka (Bangladesh), and Chennai (India), the company offers localized services in multiple time zones and languages.

Bright River has received ratings of 4 out of 5 on Glassdoor, 4.2 on AmbitionBox, 3.8 on Indeed, and 4.3 on Amazon, reflecting its reputation for quality and client satisfaction.

Hitech BPO

Hitech BPO, founded in 1992, is a seasoned outsourcing company specializing in professional image editing and retouching services. Based in Ahmedabad, India, with offices in the US and UK, Hitech BPO cost-effectively serves clients across time zones. The company employs over 1,200 staff, including 100+ photo editing specialists, providing high-quality, affordable bulk image editing and product photo editing services.

Their comprehensive ecommerce product photo editing and retouching services include Photo Clipping Path, Background Removal services, Image Enhancement, Cropping/Resizing, Color Correction, and Noise Removal, catering to e-commerce, real estate, retail, and more. Hitech BPO has served over 5,000 clients, edited and delivered 10 million high quality product photos across 3,100+ projects. This speaks a lot about their reliability, commitment and competitive product photo editing cost.

Remarkably, they maintain a 95% rate of recurring clients and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hitech BPO enjoys excellent ratings: 5.0 on Gartner (one review), 5.0 on Bark, and 4.4 on Birdeye (13 reviews), highlighting their strong reputation for quality and client satisfaction.


Ephotovn, based in Vinh City, Vietnam, was established as a specialized provider of a range of image editing services. Notably, the company offers background removal services, clipping path services, high-end photo retouching, and other image editing services. To date, Ephotovn has successfully processed over 20 million images, serving more than 8,000 clients worldwide.

The company currently employs over 200 operators who are skilled in delivering services such as photo retouching and e-commerce photo editing, catering primarily to photo editing needs of online stores. This substantial team supports the company’s ability to handle large volumes of work while maintaining quality and efficiency.

Ephotovn’s commitment to quality service is reflected in its customer ratings, with scores of 3.5 out of 5 on Fixthephoto and 3.8 on Trustpilot. These ratings highlight the company’s dedication to its clients and its steady performance in the competitive field of image editing.


Pixelz, founded in 2011 in Holstebro, Denmark, now operates from its headquarters in San Diego, California. With over a decade of experience and a workforce of 400+ employees, Pixelz delivers quality image editing services.

These product photo editing services include Image Background Services, Ghost Mannequins, Color Correction, and various retouching types, such as Model and Skin Retouching, Editorial Retouching, and Flow Retouching, catering to diverse industry needs. Pixelz processes over 40,000 images daily using advanced AI workflows, achieving a 99.5% first-time approval rate and a 99.7% on-time delivery rate, ensuring efficiency and adherence to project timelines.

The company enjoys an online reputation, boasting a 4.9 rating on Shopify and a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot from 1,005 reviews, reflecting client satisfaction and commitment to quality. These achievements underline Pixelz’s dedication to excellence in the competitive field of image editing.


FixThePhoto, established in 2003, is an image editing company based in Brooklyn, USA, with a team of over 90 retouchers. The company employs 51-200 staff, including 61 associated members. FixThePhoto offers services such as Portrait Retouching, Wedding Photo Editing, Background Changing, Photo Manipulation, Photo Restoration, Product Photo Editing, Jewelry Photo Editing, and Real Estate Photo Editing.

With a global client base from 70 countries, FixThePhoto has completed over 2 million orders, editing 10 million photos. This wide reach reflects their capacity to handle diverse photo-editing needs.

Customer feedback on FixThePhoto is mixed but generally positive. They have a 3.13-star rating on Google from 48 reviews, indicating moderate satisfaction. Sitejabber ranks them 41st among Photo Editing Software sites, while Trustpilot gives them a 3.0 rating from 50 reviews. On, they have a 4.0 rating based on 20 reviews.


Founded in 2007, Deepetch is headquartered in Kowloon, Hong Kong, with a workforce of 201-500 employees and five associated members. The company is supported by customer and technical support teams in the USA, Australia, and India, offering round-the-clock assistance to clients worldwide.

Deepetch provides a range of image editing services, including hand-drawn clipping paths, Photoshop masking, background removal, color correction, digital photo retouching, raster-to-vector conversion, and the ghost mannequin technique. These services cater to various clients, including professional photographers, digital agencies, e-commerce platforms, and online retailers.

Serving over 50,000 clients, Deepetch has processed over 12 million images. The company holds a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on Fixthephoto and an overall score of 3.6 based on online research and 12 reviews, reflecting their performance and service quality in the image editing industry.

Fitzgerald Photo Labs

Founded in 1967, Fitzgerald Photo Labs operates in North Perth, Western Australia, as a family-owned business. Initially a wedding and portrait photography studio, the company now employs 11-50 individuals and has 17 associated members.

Fitzgerald Photo offers various services, including photo restoration, retouching, blemish removal, exposure correction, and image enhancement. Their photo printing and processing services accommodate different formats and media. They also provide exhibition and display services, preparing images for art shows and offering various printing surfaces.

The company supports delivery and shipping across Australia, file uploading, and an online ordering system for remote print orders. Serving both professional photographers and general customers, Fitzgerald Photo Imaging functions as a full-service photo lab and digital imaging company. They have a rating of 4.2 on Product Review, indicating a reputation for service quality and customer satisfaction.

The Portrait Studio

The Portrait Studio, located in serene Karoo Square just off Lynnwood Road in Pretoria East, is a premier destination for all photographic needs. The studio specializes in various photo shoots, including Family, Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Kids, and individual Portrait sessions.

It offers a comprehensive printing service, providing high-quality prints in various sizes and materials, complemented by an online portal for easy photo uploading and ordering from anywhere. The Portrait Studio offers photography classes for beginners and aspiring photographers, and its fully equipped studio is available for rent.

Monthly gallery evenings with wine or gin-tasting events showcase the work of emerging artists. With a passion for portrait photography and dedication to quality printing, The Portrait Studio is a unique blend of Photo Studio, Print House, and Gallery Space.

UK Clipping Path

Founded in 2010, UK Clipping Path is headquartered in London, UK, with a team of 201-500 employees and 31 associated members. The company specializes in various image editing services, including Image Clipping Path, Graphics Design, Photo Editing, Background Removal, Shadow Creation, Color Correction, Photo Retouching, Photo Masking, Raster to Vector Image Conversion, and E-Commerce and Jewelry Photo Editing.

Their services include E-Commerce Image Editing, Clipping Path Service, Background Removal, Image Masking, Ghost Mannequin Effects, Shadow Creation, Image Retouching, Recoloring & Color Correction, Jewelry Image Retouching, and Automotive Car Editing. With over 10,000 orders completed and clients in over 50 countries, the company operates globally with production facilities in Bangladesh.

UK Clipping Path is ICO-certified, ensuring data protection under UK law. The company holds a 4.7 rating on TrustPilot and a 5/5 on Sitejabber, reflecting customer feedback on their service quality.

In the world of photography, the quest for perfection is an ongoing journey, and photo editing companies, with their expertise, advanced techniques, and unwavering dedication to exceptional results, stand as essential collaborators to consider. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a business seeking polished visual content, or an individual looking to elevate your photos, these companies offer the skills and resources to transform your vision into reality. With their support, your images will not only meet but also exceed your expectations, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and fulfilling your creative aspirations.

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