Data Processing Services

Paper-based transactions are still a norm in many industrial verticals like telecommunication, media, banking & finances, insurance, logistics, healthcare, real-estate, retail, etc.

In this data-driven and automated marker, these paper-based services need to be more compliant with the industry regulations as well as align with customers' need.

Usually paper-based transactions impede appropriate data processing, restricts its effective transformation into easy-to-use comprehend information; giving you a hard time to store and retrieve the data.

HabileData has demonstrated its data processing capabilities by supporting an array of clients by effectively responding to these challenges, backed by a comprehensive suite of data processing services.

At HabileData, we extend a complete solution for processing and transforming raw, unstructured and paper-based data; into a more refined, privacy and industry–complaint, accurate, ready-to-use and easy-to-retrieve digitized formats.

Our customized services provide increased visibility into cycle-times, decreasing bottlenecks, enhancing employee productivity and fine balancing of workload.

Our Capabilities:

Document Processing – Primarily covers collection, generation, storage, distribution and analyzes of content from both digital and conventional hard-bound sources. We offer a specialized solution for healthcare documents, applications, legal documents, credit-card applications, rebates, banking documents, ecommerce forms, property documents, bills of lading and other freight, transportation and logistics forms and so on.

Form Processing – Encompasses data processing from various forms including vouchers, medical claims, insurance papers, financial documents, purchase orders, tax statements, rebate forms, purchase & sales, rental forms, and much more.

Invoice Processing – We extend a specialized set of solutions for digitizing and processing medical invoices, purchase order invoices, and so on.

Catalog Processing – We provide customized solutions for all major shopping carts, like adding and updating product lists, product categorization, update prices and discounts on regular basis, bulk product upload, and so on.

Insurance Claims Processing - It consists scanning, streamlining, thorough indexing and validation of data for insurance companies, healthcare sector (basically medical-claims), banks and other financial institutions.

Check Processing - Well-planned processes for scanning, organizing, indexing, and validating data from voluminous check into more presentable format to make it more comprehensible formats.

Case Studies:

Our Industries Expertise:

HabileData has deep expertise in a number of industries, here some of few are represented here.

HabileData - Advantages:

  • There is nothing as rich experience – We are there since past 20 years and providing excellent solutions.
  • You can save up to 30%-50% in operational cost for a cost-effective solution.
  • Technical expertise helps in managing voluminous and complex data in various format i.e. papers, images, scanners, forms etc.
  • Specialized team of professionals working diligently across time zones to provide outstanding results in stipulated time-frame.
  • Robust infrastructure; comprising of advanced technologies, backup and data security systems, for continuous deliverance.
  • Strict compliance to international data security and confidentiality standards.