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Data Analytics Services

HabileData provides data analytics services that enables business leaders and executives with fact based decision-making capabilities.

We help our customers gain a competitive advantage by using information to generate futuristic scenarios, based on historical and other data. It helps them optimize their operations, reduce costs and increase revenue. It also helps them know the behavior of their customers and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With our brilliant data and analytics services, we ensure that the most powerful and intelligible outlooks of your data are extracted in the best possible manner.

Data Analytics Services, We offer:

  • Data Collection: With a dedicated team of web researchers; along with different automated data collection tools, we gather qualitative and required information from diversified resources.
  • Data Cleansing: Improve the consistency and quality of information for the best possible results with our data cleansing, de-duplication and validation services.
  • Data Processing: Complete solution for processing and transforming raw, unstructured and data. We have data processing experts. They transform data into information, and information to meaningful insights.
  • Data Visualization: Convert complex spreadsheets, reports, and murky information into clear and compelling visuals to easily grasp difficult concepts.

We help our clients conduct diagnostic, exploratory, prescriptive and predictive analysis as well as simulations and “what-if” analysis to take the right decisions the first time in the areas of finance, operations, HR, supply chain, sales, marketing and promotion etc., in various industry sectors.

Why Choose HabileData as your Analytics Partner?

  • To look inside client data, it is the expertise and experience of more than two decades in web-research, data cleansing, data modeling – management – visualization is what we put at task.
  • We embed analytics across our client's organizational strategy, operations and systems; and help them with innovative ways of turning everyday information into actionable insights.
  • We also build analytics into core organizational areas of finance, risk, workforce, supply chain, customer experience journey and many more.
  • Capability to deliver end-to-end services from business consulting and implementation to sustenance.