Striking Product Catalogue Design to Convey Brand Capabilities

DTP – Case Study

The Company: Alcohol Company

Industry: Alcohol and Beverages

Company Headquarters: USA

Product Catalogue Design Solutions for Alcohol Company

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The Objective:
Design a catalogue that strongly conveys the brand, its capabilities as well as promote their wide range of wines and alcohol products in the market.
HabileData’s Solution

Opted for a flat design to give a minimalistic look and feel to the catalogue.

White space was cleverly and generously used to maintain consistency with the brand.

Adobe Photoshop and InDesign were used to bring in more aesthetic value to the design, which apart from it gave the catalogue a more professional look.

Highlighted various types of bottles/wines based on different categories for branding the products.

For an intuitive user experience equal importance was given to attractive fonts and perfect font sizes for better readability.

Value Addition

Creation of an elaborate, natural as well as harmonious design which had a significant effect on the marketed customer leaving an imprint.

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