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Data Collection - Case Study

The Company: A leading EDO (Economic Development Organization) Advisory Firm

Industry: Advisory Firm

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Partnering to Perfection

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The Objective:
The core business need was to create customer centric investment portfolio faster with lower resource allocation. Doing the process manually in-house used up a lot of resource time (teams had to work double shifts) and also the lead time to decision making was very high. They needed data collection and cleansing to be done with speed and accuracy to ensure faster decision making.
The Challenges:

The quality of data being collected was questionable because of the data sources. Different data sources consisted of different information pertaining to the same company. Some data like count of employees and revenue were not listed on the source websites. Moreover, one team was supposed to do verification of address & phone numbers whereas another team was supposed to verify foundation year, employee number and revenue.

HabileData’s Solution

We, being a Multidisciplinary Business Process Management (BPM) company with more than 25 years of experience provided them the perfect solution for their problem. We applied out expertise in Data Collection and Data Cleansing services to improve the quality of their data and increase process efficiency.

Our synchronized team work helped in finding all the pain points involved throughout the process and they all were addressed with utmost efficiency.

Bots were created to crawl through websites to verify dissimilar information about the same companies on different websites. Semi-skilled workforce were asked to verify addresses and phone numbers were are the remaining important information were taken care by the experts.

Once the data was collected, data cleansing was done followed by standardization to help the client in having a single customer view and develop customer-centric portfolios. Referential integrity checks were also done for customer profiling.

Our approach

As a result of our partnership, the data aggregator won a very crucial bid of supplying data to government agencies. This was attained because they had a single customer view and a customer centric investment portfolio.

The whole process was streamlined from data collection point to providing visually appealing consolidated reports. This provided the company with accurate data for faster decision making & saved costs by reducing the resource allocated for this process.


In all, more than 28,000 records with more than 80 fields were collected, cleansed and presented in a visually appealing format which was later on sold to government agencies for FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments). Partnering and working together they won the bid of supplying data to government agencies.

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