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Image Editing & Retouching

Real Estate Image Editing and Retouching helps Realtors to Market the Property Right

post-data-icon March 15th, 2017  |   post-user-icon

The right marketing strategy makes all the difference in the real estate business. Real estate agents and their image editing outsourcing partners are required to go above and beyond, to market the home using all the latest advancements in technology, social media, and publicity strategies to ensure that the home reaches the maximum number of potential buyers and they like it the very first time they look at it. More the buyers would love the real estate property images, will invite more offer & more bidding wars, and ultimately, more money for the real estate agency.

For all this, it is mandatory to understand where the buyers come from. Every single buyer who could be possibly looking to purchase a property should have seen your property images; and that is in your hands what kind of exposure you can give your property images to masses alike.

National Association of Realtors annual study of real estate property buyers and sellers

Image source: keller williams realty Inc.

This data is of National Association of Realtors annual study of real estate property buyers and sellers. If you look at it, 76% of the buyers find their home online, through property listing sites, mobile apps, and social media and with help of their realtor. To focus on all these, the one thing that becomes mandatory is real estate property images. Even if there is no specification, no description of the property; buyers looking at attractive images will take that pain to inquire about that property to the seller or to the real estate agency or agent.

Attractive real estate property pictures

One of the most prominent attractions, compelling visitors to come on your site to buy property is loads and loads of property images. But this does not mean that pictures taken by your tablets and smartphones can be uploaded and they will succeed in attracting clients. If you upload pictures from your phone, they will be deteriorating in terms of pixelate. The overall appearance of the photos will be unclear. It is better to hire a real estate property photographer to click pictures and then send those images to a real estate photo retouching company, for further editing and retouching; what we call as post-production.

With professionals on-board, trained in digital image enhancement and editing ensure to deliver best quality real estate images, while saving time and cost. May it be Real Estate Photo Enhancement or Perspective Correction, Color Cast Removal or White Balancing, Still Image Enhancement or Objects Removal, Sky Replacement or Adding Fire to Fire Places, or HDR Photos Retouching; realtors can rely on them.

Add property floor plans

The second most important thing that attracts customers after edited real estate photos is the floor plans. Along with attractive property pictures, realtors should also upload floor plans of the property. Clicking the pictures of the floor plan from the paper will not be of help. Instead, provide the plans to a real estate image editing and retouching company and they will convert it into 2D or 3D floor plans. Use of these, would certainly enhance and attract more visitors.


In this digital age, no one that we know actually flips the pages of a service directory, magazine or newspapers looking out for attractive properties. Most of the buyers and sellers resort to internet to touch base the latest real estate properties on sale. Real estate business needs website, which contains property images, which can draw more and more buyers, who would instantly give you a call to check out the properties you are selling.

Hitesh Mistry

About Author: is one of the key members at HabileData, contributing to lateral growth of the company since its inception. He single handedly manages data processing, customer support, marketing, administrative and people management activities in addition to handling our websites editorial responsibilities.