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Data Collection by Smart Customer Connections, Don’t Be a Stalker

post-data-icon June 13th, 2017  |   post-user-icon

Sales and marketing professionals across companies worship data. Every single interaction with clients and current customers is looked at as an opportunity to know them better and at more personal level, so as to manage that perfectly timed and hyper relevant messaging and content, to create that ever desired engagement. May be this is the reason that latest and most advanced innovations are all for marketers, for making data conveniently accessible, easier to collect and efficient enough to be organized instantly.

But like opportunities, hyper personalization also has its fair share of challenges. The ways and means of collecting data seamlessly are growing, as more and more customers are making themselves available online. It is really important to understand the grey area between presenting the buyers with something they like, and reaching out to them with something; which makes them feel as if you have been hiding in their personal data like a stalker.

Governments have started getting involved in this matter, tagging mass collection of data ‘illegal’. Though today it is for one category, tomorrow it could be for some other or every type of data collection. It is time you as a marketer or sales professional; make smart connections with your customers instead of being a data stalker.

Enlisted are the ways to do so, with some relevant examples of how your hyper-personalized approach can make you look like a data stalker:

If it is shared, it’s safe to collect

A prospect of yours, posts a picture of his new born baby on Facebook, and you were prompt enough to send him a branded bib as a piece of hyper-personalized content and this is what will make you a data stalker. Marketers today think; which is completely unethical, that they can pull out data of their targets and customers from the entire social sphere. The reality is that most of it is off-limits.

The sensible approach here should be to match the channel with the kind of relationship you have with a customer or a person. Do not use their information on channels like Instagram and Facebook for business purposes, if you are not comfortable sending then a friend request as you dont know them personally.

Smartest way to connect to such prospects is to use their details from LinkedIn and various such professional networking sites as the strong belief is that if the data is shared there it is safe to collect that data.

Don’t prove yourself to be a desperate at best

Fast forwarding your relationship with a person or a client makes no sense. Not only is your acceptance rescinded, most of the time it’s a missed opportunity of a lifetime. If a customer shares in your first meeting that they are fond of aged whisky, do not make a blunder of sending over the finest bottle the next day with a note “we remember, or maybe we care or I remembered“.

Instead, you are required to use the information that you gathered in a strategic manner. You can consciously surprise and delight your client or customer when you reach out to them, saving the bottle as a perfect gift for that meeting, might do more good. Not gifting the bottle in person and hiding behind the technology, makes absolutely no sense, at least to us. Never be too quick to prove that you know something personal about someone it never works in favor. Please share your views, if different than ours.

It is not necessary to always collect data that is available online. There are chances to gather valuable information by talking to coworkers and colleagues of the target audience or customer. This will help you precisely make a good deliverable even without discussing it with the prospect.

Don’t be lazy, demonstrate value

By now you would be thinking that all this advice is nice and good, but what should be done in absence of common accomplices that can get you the right contacts to target in a strategic manner. This is the time and situation where you should be smart enough to call people who you can trust, to introduce you to prospects. And this is what you need to do with a value proposition.

You know who you need to meet, and you also know a third party in the capacity to make that connection happen, lead the entire transition with the value that you wish to provide. Dont depend on the middle person to fill in those value gaps.

The energy your contact puts in flattering you in the intro message solely depends on the intensity of the value statement that you develop for yourself. Even in case of LinkedIn, initial seeds of a relationship go a long way, and the prospect you are trying to get in touch with, exactly is aware of how they are going to benefit form a connection like you. This also will ensure that you get an appointment – every time.

Systematic information gathering of targeted variables

Here on, it is all about listening, curating information from the right places and sending personalized messages. A professional and expert approach to data collection certainly helps, the way it has helped a lot of enterprises and organizations in the last decade. Data collection or information gathering of targeted variables – systematically, empowered them to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes.

Hitesh Mistry

About Author: is one of the key members at HabileData, contributing to lateral growth of the company since its inception. He single handedly manages data processing, customer support, marketing, administrative and people management activities in addition to handling our websites editorial responsibilities.

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