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Author : Hitesh Mistry

Hitesh Mistry Hitesh Mistry is one of the key members at HabileData, contributing to lateral growth of the company since its inception. He single handedly manages data processing, customer support, marketing, administrative and people management activities in addition to handling our websites editorial responsibilities.

Written by: Hitesh Mistry

Use Data Cleansing Services to Eliminate Errors & Improve Organizational Data Quality

Businesses, organizations, companies and entrepreneurs are facing the brunt of concurrent dynamics and frequent economic slowdowns. In such scenario their prime […]

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Banks Turn to Outsourcing Expertise and Experience to “Run the Bank”

Firms providing banking and finance services are the once which face market volatility, upfront. Increasing and new challenges are forcing them to revamp their […]

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You Need Intelligent Real Estate Property Data Processing For Complex Real Estate Documents

Real estate property documentations get significantly complex and difficult to manage, over a period of time. Everyone starting, Associate Real Estate Director and Online Property Evaluator to Property Manager, […]

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Retailers Opt for Holistic Data Management to Create Best Shopping Experience for Their Customers

Modern-day retailing is largely controlled by (extremely) volatile & constantly expanding global markets. Adding to this challenge, are continuous swings in the consumers purchasing patterns and their preferences.[…]

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Data Processing; a Facelift for Transportation and Logistics Industry

Business domains, across the world are getting exceedingly data-driven. Almost every industry is harnessing the power of structured data to unleash insights and gain a foothold in the prevailing […]

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