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Author : Hitesh Mistry

Hitesh Mistry Hitesh Mistry is one of the key members at HabileData, contributing to lateral growth of the company since its inception. He single handedly manages data processing, customer support, marketing, administrative and people management activities in addition to handling our websites editorial responsibilities.

Written by: Hitesh Mistry

Look After Your Data So That It Looks After Your Business and Profitability

Business today, apart from looking after their clients are also required to look after their business assets. Ensuring offices are well maintained, appropriate investment is […]

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Real Estate Image Editing and Retouching helps Realtors to Market the Property Right

The right marketing strategy makes all the difference in the real estate business. Real estate agents and their image editing outsourcing partners are required to […]

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Outsourced Transportation & Logistics Partner Onboard will Make Your Data Challenge, Their Project

Growth of any logistics industry is mainly fueled by data. These businesses today, to keep up with the […]

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Hire Graphic Designers, Ready to Break Designing Rules & are Rebellious to the Grid

Graphic designing and graphic designers; have come a long way leaving their footprints of success as a legacy. However, the legacy that they created, which […]

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Use Data Cleansing Services to Eliminate Errors & Improve Organizational Data Quality

Businesses, organizations, companies and entrepreneurs are facing the brunt of concurrent dynamics and frequent economic slowdowns. In such scenario their prime […]

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