Virtual Assistant Services

It is not a feasible option to hire an employee to take care of some urgent matter or for a small work. The cost involved in hiring an employee is very high, but the returns might not be much to meet the equilibrium.

In such a scenario, virtual staffing / remote workforce is the best available option, whereby you will receive the services of the required number of personnel without investing on hiring, and other expenses involved. You will just have to pay for the services rendered by a specialist.

We provide a complete back-office team which is flexible enough to accommodate our clients’ various needs to save their precious time for more creative and valuable operational work which can help move their business to the next level.

Virtual Staffing Solutions at HabileData

Our Virtual Assistance Services Includes:

  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Online Research for personal or professional purposes
  • Database Management
  • Keeping track of Schedules, Follow Ups and Reminders
  • Arrange Meetings and Set Appointments
  • Make Travel Plans (includes tickets and hotel reservations and accommodations)
  • Check and Answer E-mail, According to Instructions
  • Pay Personal Bills, through Online Banking
  • Monitor and Update Ongoing Projects Confidentially (according to instructions)
  • Spreadsheet Creation & Management

HabileData, with its highly skilled virtual workforce, experienced in different specialty areas, can be the best available resources to attend to your concerns.

By utilizing our virtual staffing solutions, you will be able to get specialized services conveniently and effectively, and that too at highly affordable rates.

Benefits HabileData:

  • We have employees from every field and industry with ample experience,education and skill-set
  • Just let us know your requirement, and we will arrange for employees matching your requirements
  • You can personally conduct interviews to test their skills and competency
  • Highly reasonable virtual staffing rates
  • Round the clock virtual staffing support can be provided on demand

HabileData Also Offer Virtual Staffing Services for:

Are Virtual Staffing Solutions Beneficial to You?

Yes, they are. As all you have to do is choose our employees who will be working on your project depending on the job profile required (i.e, administrators, assistant, personal assistant, secretarial, research assistant, technical virtual assistant etc) and pay as per the fixed rates. As the personnel will be working from our production house, you won't incur the hiring expense, cost of space, and other fixed and variable expenses.

As Habile has specialists from every know field, you can be sure that you will find personnel matching your specific requirements. With personal interview options available, you could literally hand-pick the resources who will be working on your project.

To know more about our virtual staffing solutions, kindly contact Habile.