Microfilm Microfiche Scanning Services

HabileData, with its flexible microfilm microfiche scanning services, enables clients worldwide to effectively transform their microform archives to modern-day digital images on time.

Going hand-in-hand with the latest business trends, HabileData professionals efficiently scan archived microfilm-microfiche information into electronic formats.

The management, at HabileData enables its clients to make their office setup paperless, disorganized and less cluttered. By encouraging employees to put their 100% in providing microfilm-microfiche scanning services, the management remains ahead of its competitors in the market.

Microfilm-Microfiche Services Offered are Listed Below:

  • 16mm, 35mm and COMBI formats
  • ANSI, M-types, rolls and open spool microfilms
  • Jackets, rolls, COM, ultra fiche, microx microfiches
  • Silver-halide, diazo, dry silver and vesicular formats
  • Simplex, duplex, positive and negative formats
  • Cartridges and aperture cards

In addition to this, professionals at HabileData ensure all scanned documents are manually indexed for easy access and retrieval. They further ensure the data is delivered in the chosen file format for effective data management.

Use of the latest technology available in the market including high-end scanners helps HabileData provide high quality data output to clients. The entire data is safely handled through secure FTP transfers.

HabileData Promises to Offer The Following:

  • Client information confidentiality
  • 24-hour instant accessibility via different modes of communication
  • Competitive pricing
  • Timely handover of projects
  • Internal quality checks prior to delivery

HabileData is confident of its employee's proficiency in handling and accomplishing large volume of work within short interval of time. To be absolutely certain of our services, avail our free trial offer for any pilot project of your liking.

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