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Media Transcription Services

HabileData offers prompt media transcription services to clients spread across the globe. In today's world, where media dictates what the world should know, HabileData leads the way by serving transcription needs including media transcription of clients.

HabileData professionals document vital information collected from sources such as television, radio, webcasts, podcasts and movies and convert spoken information into readable textual format efficiently.

HabileData offers the following media transcription services:

  • TV broadcasts such as news, features, serials, and special reports
  • Radio broadcasts including shows, interviews, reviews, and analysis
  • Movies, short films, documentaries and commercials
  • Webcasts and podcasts
  • Captioning and subtitling of news, movies, television shows
  • Additional B-Roll footage

HabileData pursues excellence by providing prompt services at cost-effective prices; thus enabling its clients to have competitive edge over others in the industry.

Precision and diligence, have earned HabileData reputation in media transcription industry. This pushes transcriptionists at HabileData to remain abreast with the latest market technology and further enables them to offer instant documentation to clients. Transcription services HabileData offer are HIPAA compliant.

The company produces transcripts that are time-coded, stamped and delivered in the chosen file format. These transcripts are screened through a 3-tier quality check program to ensure accuracy of highest level.

HabileData offers the following features:

  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Efficient team of transcriptionists, analysts and editors
  • Modern infrastructure with latest transcription software
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customizable services

With time, HabileData has gone on to develop expertise in cleaning huge backlogs effectively and rapidly. The company also provides free services to first-time users for test pilot projects.

Contact us online or call our helpdesk to avail the free offer.