Data Conversion Services

HabileData provides wide range of outsourced data conversion and document digitization services to convert data from unstructured format into coherent and meaningful information.

The fine blend of advanced technology and more than two decades of experience is what makes us the expert at converting gigantic datasets such as periodicals, reports, journals, catalogs, and financial statements. With help of latest tools like OCR, ICR; we have successfully executed various complex projects on different formats, technical platforms and databases.

Data Conversion Services, We Offer:

As a leading provider, here’s a brief of our data conversion capabilities:

Document Conversion: Our document conversion team is capable of carrying out conversion projects of not only paper documents; but also can convert scanned images files into editable or searchable text format. They also convert different types of digital documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc. into other digital formats.

eBook Conversion:Our specialists deliver full service eBook conversion and formatting for Kindle and ePub conversion from PDF, Word, Scanned and hardcopy books and magazines.

XML Conversion: We put at task specialized extraction tools for XML conversion from different formats such as text, html, pdf, jpg, pdf to XML, making the information easy to be stored into a more structured form. We make it flexible enough for easy transfer of information from one application, system, and database to another - effortlessly.

HTML Conversion: We specialize in accurate conversion of documents of different formats such as Text, PPT, RTF, Flash, PDF, Image and Design files, making their display and use on HTML compatible websites, apps, software etc. convenient.

PDF Conversion: We convert data from various editable or non-editable PDF files, PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to InDesign employing OCR – Optical Character Recognition, into simple-to-access formats.

We have successfully automated the massive and laborious paper processes for a diversified range of business domains particularly Retail & Ecommerce, Real Estate, Education, Healthcare, BFSI, Travel and Hospitality, Consulting & Professional Services, Logistics & Transportation etc.

Why Choose HabileData For Data Conversion:

  • Data security is our top priority. As an ISO 27001 certified organization, we adhere to data security measures for all our data conversion outsourcing projects.
  • Adherence to multi-level quality checks for final output of impeccable quality and accuracy.
  • Outsourcing your back office operations to us, ensure you of 15% to 20% cost reduction.
  • More than 20 years of experience in delivering customizable solutions aligned to your strategic goals.
  • Scalability of solutions as per changing requirements without effecting the TAT and quality of output.

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