United States: Top Outsourcing Country by Year 2014-15

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By 2015, 3 million white-collar jobs in the U.S. will be outsourced out to other countries, up from about 300,000 today as predicted by analysts. If that is going to happen, the very next question becomes important is “which countries offer the best choice” of being top destination for outsourcing?

But before that let us understand what is “Outsourcing”?
Its very common practice used from over 2 decades by multinational companies, businesses to reduce cost, efforts and save time by transferring some portion of work to offshore / offsite suppliers rather than doing it internally.

Outsourcing can be an effective strategy to reduce operation cost when it is used properly. Businesses can decide to outsource back-office data management, collection, survey, data entry or typing or a portion of work to independent firms, as it may be cheaper than hiring in-house professionals, allocating resourced and investing time to manage it.

Many American, Canadian and other European countries are now transferring BPO/IT and technology development, customer service, administrative jobs to internationally acclaimed countries. It helps parallel completion of non-core business activities outside U.S. borders.

Guidelines to choose the best outsourcing destination for outsourcing work:

USA Top Outsourcing Company

The above statistics shows top-level assessment of five countries that provides the best alternative for United States companies and to other countries.

Data Source: (A.T. Kearney division of Electronic Data Systems, which compiled its data from the Bank of America, Gartner Group, International Data, International Country Risk Guide, World Bank and World Markets Research Center)

India is the leading country for outsourcing of BPO/IT, back-office functions like data collection, entry, analysis and formatting, accounting, human resource, document, files and data management.

Outsourcing Rules to Make More Profitable Deal:

  • It’s all about choosing the most suitable workforce based on the suitable location.
  • Not advised to outsource to contractors who don’t always have power, internet, and secure workplace.
  • Plan your cash flow cleverly.
  • Be a compassionate but cold employer.
  • Globally certified, established and experience contractors will be the best to work with.

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