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Why does transportation & logistic industry need data processing

Growth of logistics industry is mainly fueled by data. These businesses today, to keep up with the dynamic volume and velocity of data; are in constant search of solutions that can ingest information to deliver strategic business insights. Shipping and logistic companies face challenges like:

  • Lack of organizational control
  • Poorly integrated processes
  • Inventory management and obsolescence
  • Trade compliance issues
  • Gaps in supply chain visibility
  • Government compliance challenges

What puts airfreight & logistic companies in the wining position is their ability to resolve these challenges. And the only tried and tested way is to have on-board, an outsourced logistics partner delivering data and document processing solutions. These experts manage vast amount of documents both quickly and in an extremely cost effective manner.

These on-board outsourced logistics partners, or the document processing solution providers, are a fine blend of performance, service and quality; delivering results regardless of the complexity in data & the logistics data processing task. Their efficient data processing experts on-board are calibrated in tune with document processing tasks of transportation network of the future; including land transport as well as air freight, ocean freight and contract logistics. They have well designed and developed comprehensive document processing solutions to receive, create, store, distribute and analyze content, digital or traditional paper, across document life-cycle. The products and geography may vary, but their efficiency and responsiveness remains, & is the key to your logistics business success. So this was all about who are document processing experts for logistics industry.

Why does transportation & logistic industry need data processing?

The world is going paperless, but not getting digital; and that’s an irony. Due to this “catch 22 situation“; data quality is left out with lot of unanswered questions. Lets not forget that its the way data is captured and integrated in the systems which makes all the difference. If data capture is not done appropriately at the entry point, all the subsequent tasks including validation, audit and analysis go for a toss. So this makes it all the more mandatory for transportation and logistics companies to have an easy yet agile and accurate team to capture data from documents such as commercial invoices, bill of lading, consular invoice, certificate of origin, inspection certification, dock receipt and warehouse receipt, destination control statement, insurance certificate, export license, export packing lists and so many more.

Data collection clubbed with document processing is the keyword to be considered. Without data collection and processing there will be no good data, and apart from good data nothing else matters. These data processing solution providers empower you to maximize your logistics footprint.

Data quality is required to be taken care of right from conceptual stage

Converting paper documents into an electronic image or digitization of documents has more ifs and buts, than one can imagine. It is more of a nightmare to decide where to spot the point of entry.

When, how and where do you want to capture the data from the document? If try and peep into the best practices, they indicate that data processing clubbed with document processing should be a process that is managed online and hence; it should be done as soon as the document is received or created.

Streamlined document processing assures you of the data quality, takes care of all aforementioned challenges; and has answers to enlisted questions as well:

  • Was the information fed in the system accurately and appropriately at the entry point?
  • When the data was processed across the system, was the integrity of the information maintained?
  • Information reconciliation; will it be taken care of among various systems across the organization?
  • Is the information/data trustworthy?
  • Is the information used and interpreted correctly at the point of entry?


Transportation and logistics companies should realize that data is the fuel for their organizations. It is time they realize that the world around them is changing, creating new opportunities on one hand and challenging conventional business models on the other. They need to evolve, and evolve very fast to be competitive. For staying that one step ahead from competition, they need to put information at work in order to create that flawless knowledge ecosystem.

Assured accuracy, reliability and quality of data is an advantage, and shortens the sales cycles, deliver better customer service, reduced back-office correction and processing tasks, improved vendor relations and more informed resources in the team. The organizations are required to change the way they operate their business, and adhere to methodology, processes, people and technology; all together in order to address data quality challenges. It is the organizational commitment and that long-term vision that should motivate them.

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