Image Editing & Retouching; Pictures are Shorter & Effective than Tweets & Posts

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Image Editing & Retouching; Pictures are Shorter & Effective than Tweets & Posts

The process of using any sort of imagery to communicate visually is fondly known as visual social media marketing. Humans have that strong tendency to communicate visually, because when it comes to processing images, human brains are really good at it, and that is the reason why they get attracted to images. Everyone knows of it; however this, it seems would give a jump start to the point that needs to be put across.

Content marketing strategists and internet marketing professionals widely use images or visuals for their social media marketing aspect, and there is nothing new about it and to be surprised of. However; the concept has been ever evolving and there is a lot to learn and know as to how, pictures can take social media marketing a few steps ahead.

Images and visuals have proved their worth of being the most liked and influential tool for social media marketing, and the know how of photo editing and retouching can help you attain new heights.

What is it that makes visual images so very important?

In the initial days, blogging was something new to people and all of them participated over enthusiastically. This was the time when they were happy writing long forms and build communities around it. However; after that with advent in technology and increasing pressure of targets resulting in lack of time with writers and things like that, the posts started shrinking, where Facebook and Twitter came in to the market allowing a max of 140 characters per post.

Bloggers and companies or organizations were smart enough to take that plunge from blogs to microblogs and now to multimedia microblogs. So here with fewer characters to be used, communicating visually, which was effective as well, was opted by nearly all of them. At times the visuals are so impactful, making words unnecessary. Ask any internet or social media marketer, and they are of the opinion that “though pictures are shorter than a tweet or a blog post, and are far more effective.

A short video, images and graphics, slides or a slide share presentation, infographic and text-based pictures are some of those image based online content that is used widely to boost social media marketing campaigns. Also image content with Tips, How to, Quotes, Checklists and other alike, can help you gather immense traction on social media.

But to reach out to this success story, one needs to ensure that the images that are being used for social media marketing are appealing to their target audience. See, we need to understand that humans connect to images instantly as compared to videos, audios or text. Humans tend to make quicker decisions upon getting influenced by images, whereas textual content does not have that kind of an impact over the audience.

Why image editing and retouching has suddenly become this important for social media marketing?

Visual memory contributes to a major chunk of our understanding and hence, we as humans are inclined to correlate things conveniently and easily with visuals, symbols, infographics and pictures.

Social media marketing teams at companies and organizations, are very well aware of these human facts, and hence; successfully use it to influence social media users in various ways. It would not be wrong to say that social media selling campaigns are incomplete if apt and appealing visuals including real life images, icons, and animated pictures are not used for visually communicating to existing and potential clients.

For social media and blogging platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and various others, are giving top priority to the use of visuals or images or pictures. And there is nothing wrong if they are doing so. Looking at how people are inclined towards appealing and attractive images, this was bound to happen.

Imagine a web blog without any images or visuals; it would look really dry and uninteresting. Using appropriate and effective images will ensure that the blog post or the timeline appears more lively and interesting. This is what makes visual communication, a core component of any social media strategy, mandatory in order to succeed.

Image editing and retouching service providers or postprocessing service providers as you may say, have flourished for the last few years. May it be photographers, cinematographers, movie producers, advertising agencies, photo studios, digital agencies, small business, e-commerce websites, newspapers, designers; have the pressure to capture quality product images, followed with the challenge to meet client deadlines. So they opt for the best option to outsource this post-production activity to third party solution provider companies.

And what all services, these best photo editing/retouching companies provide:

  • Basic repairs, retouching of pictures and repairs is what they call basic retouching.
  • Contrast adjustments, overall lighting repairs, digital image sharpening and facial works fixes is what they call moderate retouching.
  • Digital modifications and alterations clubbed with enlarging, enhancing and so on is what they call major retouching. All this comes in a comprehensive package of background modification or removal, removing unwanted objects or photobombs and cleaning of images.

Several other services some of the best photo editing and retouching company provides are:

  • Adding monochrome tones
  • Adding special effects to wedding pictures
  • Body slimming
  • Bringing out the natural look of an image
  • Bust line readjustment
  • Complexion flaws retouching
  • Contrast, color and light adjustments
  • Facial shape adjustments
  • Hair and eyelash retouching
  • Old, worn-off and torn pictures repair
  • Pimples and acne elimination
  • Red eye and blemishes removal
  • Teeth whitening

Why outsourcing image editing and retouching is so very beneficial?

Outsourcing image editing ensures that you are working with experienced and expert photo editing professionals, who will always be around to assist you in perfecting the images. Apart from these, they are equipped with the latest tools, technologies and software to offer low cost picture retouching and editing services within stipulated timelines.

It may be flawless portfolio, product images, wedding pictures and what not, you name it and they have worked on it successful. What more can one ask from one of the leading and best image editing and retouching service provider in India.

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