3 Electronic Document Management Solutions for Small Businesses

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If you’re confused over how electronic document management can really help your business, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Document Management Solutions for Small Businesses

In today’s dynamic business culture it is very important to stay in touch with evolving technology. Keeping this thing abreast going paperless is a new trend which enables businesses to save lot of time and money. Earlier businesses used to keep paper files that consumed a lot of space. It also had hidden costs including printer maintenance to ink to storage space.

But now with help of document management solutions it is possible to banish paper from your office; thereby cutting costs and making your employees more productive.

Electronic document management software enables you to integrate digital and paper documents into a solo computerized repository. The best document management services package lets you scan physical documents and import digital files. It also helps you to track down specific documents in seconds utilizing full-text search. It then allocates documents in standardized formats. The cost of electronic document management software will fluctuate depending on the number of employees using it and the volume of the documents you wish to store. If you are willing to give up paper; this article will act as a guiding force to select the best electronic document management solutions for small businesses.

Electronic Document Management Solutions for Small Businesses:

eDocXL Pro:

eDocXL Pro is accessible through web and also as a stand-alone application will lots of interesting features. It has a very modest, functional interface. With the help of this electronic document management software you can index documents for easy search, automatically recognizes and archives business cards, converts image files into editable formats, and scans checks. Some other features of this software comprises of capability to prioritize, classify and sort documents utilizing bar codes, bank pages, page number, and patch codes. The software can also be utilized to create PDF files.


Paperless is electronic document management software that assists you to convert your paper files to digital documents and organize all the digital documents and files in a single library. Once you have scanned and imported your documents and files, this amazing software enables you to input metadata to assist in searching for the files later. You can even sort files into categories and subcategories and can add as many tags as you need in each file. Some of the other features of this remarkable electronic document management software includes the ability to assimilate your email program and send documents to employees and clients directly. Paperless is accessible for both Windows and MAC operating systems.


eFileCabinet provides a suite of document management software. The company’s desktop version encompasses a virtual cabinet with drawers, folders and files. It enables you to store files created inside Microsoft Work, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint directly into eFileCabinet. Due to its integration with QuickBooks you can now store customers vendors, invoices, bills, and other relevant documents electronically and manage it in the software. You also get the feature of digital signature with the help of a single click. It also enables you to send documents and file out of eFileCabinet to any customer or partner through secure Web portal.

Businesses looking out for comprehensive yet cost effective electronic document management solutions need to affiliate with a professional document management company. They empower companies and firms to convert their documents in to digital formats to make your office paperless and more efficient. With years of expertise in delivering scanning services and indexing services they provide most cost effective scanning and indexing promptly.

They improvise productivity of capturing and distributing paper based information by converting all your business documents, memorable photos, negatives and many more in digital format. We create value for our clients located in various countries.

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